The network operator has begun blocking outgoing call direction for subscribers who have not yet consolidated their information

In accordance with the provisions of Decree 49/2017 / ND, mobile subscribers must provide accurate personal information (full name, identity card, date and place of issue …) with network operators. The regulation is intended to help protect the interests of customers who use the service and reduce the status of unwanted SIM cards on the market.

As directed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, from March 15, 2023, network operators sent text messages to notify them continuously for 5 days, and at the same time issued announcements and instructions to customers about deadlines, and how to standardize subscriber information.

According to VinaPhone, as of March 31, 2023, there were more than 500,000 customers standardizing subscriber information in accordance with that network operator’s notice and instructions.

However, according to the revision of the data throughout the system, as of March 31, 2023, many customers are still not standardized according to the regulations. Therefore, VinaPhone has implemented a one-way lock on outgoing calls for all subscribers who have not yet consolidated their information on March 31, 2023 and will continue to lock in one direction at different times (after March 31, 2023). 2023) for some other customers who need to consolidate subscriber information, check with the owner.

According to the Communications Department (Ministry of Information and Communications), there are currently only about 2 million subscribers with unified information. Thus, the number of subscribers who have standardized information, is currently half of the total number of subscribers who need to be consolidated. Customers who have not standardized information today need to quickly move to the nearest network operator’s transaction points for standardization.

Reviewing and standardizing subscriber information for users of mobile communications service to ensure that it matches the information in the national population database is a necessary activity and in the interest of the customer, especially when using public administrative services.

For support, users can contact the switchboards of telecommunications companies. After April 15th, if the subscriber is still not standard, the phone will be locked in two ways and after May 15th, the SIM card will be unlocked.

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