The iPhone 14 Pro’s Best Feature That Nobody Talks About

When a new iPhone is released, the tech industry is on fire. Everyone wants to know the features of a new phone, and reviewers are eager to let them know. Every year, a feature or two becomes the star of the latest iPhone, and this year is no different.

You may have heard people talking, nauseous, about Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro (Opens in a new tab). Yes, it is a cool and new feature that deserves its time in the spotlight. It’s flashy, fun and functional, and it almost jumps out at you once you hold the iPhone 14 Pro in your hand. However, in my experience, having had the iPhone 14 in my hand for a week now, the Dynamic Island is a small potato compared to my favorite feature.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s best feature doesn’t even have a name

(Photo credit: Luke Filipowicz/iMore)

The dynamic island has a silly name – like, truly Ridiculous – Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro’s best feature doesn’t even have a name. This is correct. There’s no toggle to turn it on in Settings, and it doesn’t cause the iPhone to get some crazy bumps on the back of the phone — here you look, 48MP camera.

No, the best new iPhone (Opens in a new tab) The feature is subtle yet essential for everyday use. Any guesses? It’s about increasing the screen brightness in the sun of course!

It’s much easier to see iPhone 14 Pro in sunlight

iPhone 14 Pro in black

iPhone 14 Pro with an always-on display. (Photo credit: Luke Filipowicz/iMore)

If you didn’t know, the iPhone 14 Pro can reach a peak brightness of 2,000 nits in bright lighting conditions – like being outside in the sun. Plus, it’s twice as bright in bright light than its predecessor, which makes using your iPhone in the sun a lot easier.

I was amazed at how valuable the increased brightness and noticeable was when I was using my iPhone 14 Pro outside. When I’m outside taking pictures, I get a better view of the screen, which allows me to see clearly what I’m trying to photograph. In addition, the text displayed on the screen is road The iPhone 14 Pro is easier to read if you’re out in the sun.

Whether I’m reading a book outside in my home sunroom, browsing Twitter for a walk in the park, or just keeping up with the news of the day while waiting for the bus, being able to see the screen better has proven to be a huge improvement in my quality of life in my daily life. In addition, it also improves the accessibility of iPhone 14 Pro for people with low vision.

Sometimes it’s the little things

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