The Illuminati’s plan to get rid of the Temple should have made him a god

if it was illuminati .’s original plan the structure He had succeeded, becoming the Jade Giant the god of his planet. Fans know the Illuminati’s plan went off script hulk planetAnd finally reached its climax world war hulkbut the story appeared in 2007 What if? hulk planet Show what would happen if the Temple reached its intended destination: it would become a god.

The Illuminati is a secret organization in the Marvel Universe, made up of the best minds in magic, science, and technology, brought together to try to make the world a better place. The group, usually made up of Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Professor X, Namor, Iron Man and Black Bolt, saw the Hulk as a potential threat that could eventually cause major catastrophe. Seeing no alternative, the Illuminati surrounded the temple and launched it into space. Reed Richards attached a stellar engine to the case and programmed it to land on a remote but lush alien world. However, on the way to its destination, the ship was caught in a wormhole, and transported to the planet Sakaar. There, the Hulk was pressed into the bloody wrestling games of the planet, eventually rising through the ranks to take control of the entire planet. This formed the basis of the saga hulk planet The story is, but when the star’s engine appears to malfunction and kills the Hulk’s wife, subjects, and planet, he returns to Earth with his revenge.

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However, as revealed in What if? hulk planetIf the Hulk had made it to the planet Richards found, the result would have been exactly as intended. Arriving on the planet, Banner and Hulk quarrel over land, but eventually unite to take care of a small mammal breed preyed upon by snakes. After thousands of years, the little creatures have evolved into intelligent hominids, and it’s all thanks to the Hulk! The structure monitored the species, protecting it from all methods of predators. In the distant future, the Hulk has become a deity of society, which many believe is a fiction even as he continues to protect them from the shadows. The story was written by Greg Buck and illustrated by Rafa Sandoval.

The Hulk almost got everything he wanted

The Hulk’s life is full of tragedy and loss, and as this story reveals, he lost a lot by not reaching the Illuminati’s chosen planet. Throughout his existence, the Hulk simply sought to be left alone, and in this alternate universe that is exactly what he had. The planet was remote and full of life – an ideal environment for the Hulk to thrive and thrive. On this planet, the Hulk would have been known as a life-bringer, a far cry from the persecution and persecution it is subjected to on Earth. The factors that contributed to the Hulk’s wrath were removed, allowing his heroic inclinations to define him for an entire planet. Unfortunately, this is not what happened.

The Illuminati were right

Reed Richards had a lot of shelling, but in and out of the universe, what he and the rest of the Illuminati would have done with the Hulk, but if it had worked, everyone would have been out in the end. The Illuminati would finally get rid of the danger that has the power to destroy Earth, and a hulk would have lived a long life on a planet where he worshiped rather than hated. world war hulk opinion illuminati Pay with blood and dignity for everything the structure He lost, but the heartbreaking fact is that if their intentions had gone as planned, they would have delivered the green Goliath to his personal paradise.

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