The heated OldTauk cup can boil water if necessary

If you want a way to keep your favorite beverage cold or hot depending on the time of year you prefer. You may be interested in a new 3-in-1 hot mug that is suitable for coffee, tea, water or whatever else you drink daily. portable oldtok The hot mug takes 25 minutes to heat the water to 212°C (100°C). The power will be cut off automatically after boiling to prevent dry boil.

Early pledges at special rates are now available for the new project from around $49 or £41 (According to current exchange rates).

Hot cup features

“The Auldtok Heating Mug can heat up coffee, milk, tea or any beverage to your preferred temperature anytime and anywhere. Choose exactly the temperature you like (up to 100°C), and just wait 4-25 minutes (depending on the temperature you I chose her), and enjoy your hot drink!”

Assuming that the Auldtok funding campaign successfully raises the requested pledge target and that the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected sometime around October 2022. To learn more about the Auldtok Cup hot project, play the promotional video below.

hot cup

“The Auldtok Heating Mug makes it very easy and anyone can always have coffee, tea or water on hand, with the perfect temperature at any time! The Auldtok Heating Mug 3-in-1 comes in function with an electric kettle, a vacuum cup and a water cup. Auldtok can prepare A cup of hot water at the temperature you want within 25 minutes. After boiling, it can also be used as a vacuum thermos for a long time with heat preservation or drinking directly.

The corresponding temperature setting comes with 4 preset temperature settings. Milk powder (140°F). Make tea (175°F). Make coffee (195°F). Boil (212°F). You can tell the water temperature. Precisely through the screen. Ready for hot water, tea, coffee, snacks or milk to allow unique flavors and aromas to develop during brewing at any time.”

For a complete list of all available special pledges, extended goals, additional modes and specs for the Hot Cup, go to the official Auldtok crowdfunding campaign page by visiting the link below.

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