The Garmin Bounce Kids smartwatch is LTE-connected

Garmin has announced that it is launching a new smartwatch for kids, the Garmin Bounce, and the device is the first LTE-connected smartwatch for kids.

Garmin Bounce comes with GPS and LTE so parents can stay connected to their kids and their location, check-in and more.

With Bounce’s built-in GPS and LTE connectivity, parents can stay connected and know their kids’ location with location tracking on the Bounce, all through the Garmin Jr. app. on a parent-compatible smartphone. No need to switch phone service providers – your LTE subscription is managed directly by Garmin. Parents can set specific zones and get notified when their child leaves the established limits. Kids can also use the Check In feature to share their current location, which sends a notification to the Garmin Jr. app. on parents’ smartphones. In the event that children are forgotten, parents can “update” their children’s location in the Garmin Jr. app. to find out their current location.

In addition to location tracking, families can communicate with their children through the Garmin Jr. app. Right from their watch, kids can send text and voice messages to the Garmin Jr. app. on a compatible smartphone or to other Bounce smartwatches, as long as both watches have been approved to communicate with each other by family officials. They can also reply with customizable preset messages, voice messages, emoticons, or audio emoticons to parent-approved contacts and in Garmin Jr. family group messages. During school days, parents can turn on School Mode or Do Not Disturb from the Garmin Jr. app. To reduce distractions to help children stay focused while in class.

You can find out more details about Garmin’s new Garmin Bounce smartwatch for kids at the link below. The device will come in three colors and will retail for $150.

Source: Garmin

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