The Galaxy S23 Ultra could be a low-light beast

Evidence is emerging that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera can be an absolute beast in low light.

We have received countless leaks and tips about the specifications and capabilities of the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra, from official and unofficial sources.

There’s a little bit of both in this latest claim, which is that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera system will be a serious low-light contender. First, let’s get to the official part of the story. Samsung itself has posted the following 14-second video teaser on its YouTube account:

The video shows a rising moon, to which the word ‘Mooon’ is added at the end, with the operating system replacing the Galaxy S23’s three camera modules. The video concludes with the phrase “Epic nights are coming”.

This seems to be a clear indication that the Galaxy S23 series will have an elevated night shooting capability, and perhaps an algorithm to handle moon shots.

For the Galaxy S23 Ultra specifically, alleged nighttime footage taken directly from the phone has surfaced online, courtesy of Twitter user Edwards Urbina (via Android Headlines).

These images certainly show a camera system that excels at capturing celestial bodies, and very dark scenes in general. The Twitterer posts a series of comparative shots of dark scenes in both normal and night mode, showcasing the heavy lifting done by Samsung’s algorithms.

Of course, squeezing too hard on Twitter isn’t a great way to check out the camera’s shooting capabilities, but it does provide a hint of something special.

Rest assured, we’ll be putting the entire Galaxy S23 lineup through the photographic paces after it’s announced on February 1.

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