The eco-friendly ways of Google Maps has expanded to more countries

Google has announced that it is expanding its eco-friendly routes for Google Maps to more countries and is now rolling out to 40 countries in Europe.

These new routes on Google Maps are designed to be more efficient, reduce fuel consumption and also reduce carbon emissions.

This is now possible thanks to the eco-friendly guidance in Google Maps, which is starting to appear in nearly 40 countries across Europe today. With green steering, you can choose an optimized route for lower fuel consumption, which helps you save money on fuel and reduce carbon emissions – something that many Europeans are concerned about. And that’s a real concern – according to the 2022 Statista report, road transport is the largest emitter of carbon emissions across Europe.

Now, in addition to showing the fastest route, Google Maps will also display the most fuel-efficient route, if not the fastest either. With just a few clicks, you can see the relative fuel savings and time difference between the two routes and choose the method that works best for you. Have you always wanted to choose the fastest route, no matter what? That’s okay too – just set your preferences in the settings.

You can find out more details about eco-friendly trails in Google Maps on the Google website at the link below.

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