The director of the Elden Ring does not know why this strike occurred

Elden Ring game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has no idea how the latest entry in the Soulsborne series will turn out, and he doesn’t want to know.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, acclaimed director Elden ringI was surprised by its great success. Despite staying consistent with FromSoftware’s games notorious difficulty, Elden ring She continues to gather a massive fan base and receives resounding praise from the players. It is the studio’s best-selling Soulsborne game, with 16 million copies sold worldwide.

Print a recent report from IGNAnd the Elden ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki participated in a Q&A session during the 2022 PlayStation Partner Awards held in Tokyo. After receiving an award for highest selling worldwide, Miyazaki was asked what he thought was the secret Elden ringSuccess. Miyazaki laughed and surprisingly replied that,No idea why. Miyazaki also said he wouldn’t allow it Elden ringIts positive reception influences future FromSoftware games, and I don’t dwell on why it’s such a success. “I try not to think about it too much“,” Miyazaki said,Because I think it would be a bad idea to analyze it in depth and try to consciously replicate it in another game. “

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Hidetaka Miyazaki is still baffled by the Elden Ring’s success

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Miyazaki also talked about how he avoided player feedback for similar reasons. Knowing that he cannot be objective when it comes to comments on his work, Miyazaki stated that he would not expose himself to many fan criticisms of his games, as wanting to address specific criticisms could have a negative impact on the developer’s future products. This approach did not make Miyazaki any less grateful to his fan base, though he happily noted that his vision Elden ring brought new fans to it when players discovered the first Soulsborne, Demon soulswhich originated its remake on PS5 Elden ringDevelopers to do more in the graphics of the open world game.

While it may be puzzling, Miyazaki doesn’t want to understand what he’s made of Elden ring Such a resounding success, its hard to argue against its logic. FromSoftware’s games have all received acclaim for their own reasons, and trying to replicate their success could deny future releases the chance to similarly gain fame for standing out and offering something truly unique. FromSoftware is unlikely to be the best Elden ring A copy can recapture what made the original successful, so it’s definitely better to focus creative energy on something new instead. Given the dedicated consistency shown by FromSoftware, it’s understandable that Miyazaki would want to avoid this outcome for the next installment of FromSoftware games after Elden ringThe mega launch.

Miyazaki’s humility amidst it all Elden ring achieved in less than a year commendably. Although video game companies often have understandable motives for making profits from their products, it is heartening to see an example of financial success not being the main driving force behind development. Hopefully, this mindset is enough to help FromSoftware climb to the next level Elden ringdespite being a noble precedent.

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