The boldest Resident Evil movement will never happen

vampire It is a survival horror series that has many tricks and traps to revisit, but as it evolved, it has grown more and more away from returning to the form that would be the most daring move in gaming. vampire Certainly no stranger to stakes, from the beginning of the series to the transition to focusing on the over-the-shoulder movement in Resident Evil 4 Transformation from a first person perspective Resident Evil 7. Most of these risks have propelled the series to huge heights and made it the strength of Capcom what it is today, but nonetheless, there is one risky step Capcom is unlikely to take – bringing back its fixed cameras.

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The series originally started vampire, the all-time classic, revolves around two players in claustrophobic arcades, managing resources and hidden puzzles, and battling biological weapons and the zombies. As the series evolved, some things were modified, modified, and changed, but the general idea remained the same. Some of these tweaks and changes were rather drastic like new camera operating modes and focus on speed, while maintaining that vampire Soul for the most part, but present it in new ways that new technology can provide. Even with the passage of technology and time, some of the mechanics and quirks of old games will be reintegrated and rethought, but no one has seen the light since the 64-bit era except for one inscription.

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Returning to fixed camera angles will be Capcom’s boldest move since then Resident Evil 4An important design change to an overall perspective in 2005, but not likely to succeed. the original vampire through games 3 They all feature a solid, non-moving camera that will interrupt other perspectives when entering new rooms or angles that the former couldn’t cover. Resident Evil 4 It broke the mold and offered a perspective that best suits open areas and a focus on intense action, but even when returning to its quieter horror roots, the series will never return to this form of operation again. Modern gamers expect strict controls and concise, continuous information transmitted to the player, and old-fashioned still cameras won’t satisfy most boards.

The fixed perspective is the design of a dead resident villain

The massive success of Mr. X’s comeback Resident Evil 2 It shows a wide player preference in a more modern control system and camera over the old hard roads. Some arguments can be made that fixed camera angles increase tension and possibly make encounters more cinematic, but the consensus reflects a desire for more player independence. latest news Resident Evil 4Its over-the-shoulder action-camera remake seems to show that Capcom and its fans are excited to continue their forays into the third-person shooter style, but may not want to walk into fixed-camera angles again.

vampire She took many risks and had nearly as many successes, and the entire series was about pushing the envelope of what survivor horror can be. But even though the third-person camera ultimately led to the worst game in the series, Resident Evil 6However, the risks associated with reverting to a design option made mostly to technological constraints appear to be too great for Capcom to take. Even spiritual successors and independent inspirations seem to be moving away from retro camera work, and it’s often not a required feature to come back either. Capcom’s boldest potential move vampire It may be left unresolved, for the better.

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