The best skins for Steam Deck in 2022

Change the look and add a little protection by peeling off the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck’s popularity means that there is no shortage of accessories for it. This includes leather. As with a phone, laptop, or tablet, a good skin can not only change the look of your all-black Steam Deck, but also add a little protection. But where do you buy them and which one should you get? Glad you asked. This is our favorite now.

  • jsaux skin for steam platform in white

    Jsaux Steam Deck Skin

    Jsaux’s range of Steam Deck accessories also includes this elegant white leather. It is durable and covers all the major parts of your mobile device at a really attractive price.

  • Glitch Camo dbrand skin for Steam Deck

    Dbrand steamer

    If you think of tech hardware shapes, you think of dbrand, and Steam Deck is no exception. All of the company’s best designs are available for the Steam Deck, including the new Glitch Camo seen here.

  • TouchProtect Steam Deck in Carbon Red

    TouchProtect Steam Deck

    If you just want to protect the touch-sensitive trackpads on your Steam Deck, these skins are just the ticket. You also have a range of colors and finishes to choose from.

  • PlayVital steam skin surface in multiple colours

    PlayVital Steam Deck

    PlayVital has a budget alternative Steam Deck theme if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. There are still a variety of designs in some really bright colours. You get two in the box, too, so don’t worry if you misapply the first.

  • TouchProtect GripBacks for the Steam Deck in blue

    TouchProtech GripBacks

    There’s no need to spend time covering the entire Steam Deck if you just want to add a little style and protection to the back buttons. That’s exactly what you get here in a range of colors and finishes.

  • XtremeSkins skin for the Steam platform in matte light blue

    XtremeSkins Steam Deck for skin

    XtremeSkins ships worldwide and produces extremely high quality custom skins. Not only can you get one for the Steam Deck, but you can also match Valve’s official base.

You definitely don’t need to A skin on the Steam Deck, but why not stand out from the crowd while also adding a little protection? As rugged as a mobile device is, the more it is used and tossed in bags, the more likely it is to be scratched or damaged.

Good leather is an affordable investment that can pay off in the long run. And they are not that difficult to apply either.

The Steam Deck, Valve's first gaming laptop, is one of the hottest devices of 2022 with a huge library of games to play on.
steam surface

steam surface

The Steam Deck, Valve’s first gaming laptop, is one of the hottest devices of 2022, with a huge library of games to play and the ability to take on the go.

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