The Best Show on Apple TV+ Will Finally Return in 2025

Apple has announced that the second season of Severance will be coming to its streaming service Apple TV+ early next year.

The dark, terrifying series was a huge hit with audiences when it premiered in February 2022, but it has gone on to become one of the shows that cemented Apple TV+'s reputation as a home for premium television.

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After a long absence, due to strikes organized by the actors and writers unions in Hollywood, the series Severance will finally return to screens on January 17, 2025 in ten episodes, with weekly episodes running until March 21.

Here's the first trailer for the series, which makes us feel like we're missing out on the rest of summer, missing Christmas and heading into a dreary January (okay, that's too far). For the uninitiated, Severance is about a group of office workers in a dead-end job — though that's where the similarities to The Office end.

Employees have chosen to undergo a process called “disengagement.” When they enter the workplace, all memories of their lives outside the office are no longer available to them. For some, like the main character Mark (played by Adam Scott), this is a choice they made to escape the trauma of the real world.

When the same people leave the workplace, their memories of the work become unavailable to them. Naturally, they do some pretty shady stuff while transporting data packets from one place to another for the secretive Lumon Industries, but we still don't know exactly what's going on.

In the first season, these worlds begin to intersect when a former employee finds his way to Mark, prompting the staff to begin searching for the truth. It’s a great show, great writing, great cast, and it fully exploits my greatest fear of having to go back to an office job. Let’s start in January 2025.

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