The best Everett family moments in 2022

2022 has been a difficult year for him Chantelle Family star Chantelle Gimeno, but she managed to appear on top surrounded by her family. Chantelle and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, divorced, but she remains close to her younger siblings, Riverknight and Winter Everett, and her parents, Thomas and Karen Everett. The Everett family members have shared many sweet moments together Chantelle Family Fans on their various social media accounts.

Chantel rose to fame 90 days fiancé Before landing her family’s spin-off show Chantelle Family. From the beginning, Karen and Thomas had a reputation for being overbearing and suspicious in-laws. However, he has grown to be accepted and celebrated by viewers. Karen and Thomas love their children dearly, including their eldest son, Royal Everett, and want what’s best for them at the end of the day. Many fans now think they were right about Pedro, as he ended up turning on Chantel and leaving her. Winter and Rivernight, which run across the river Chantelle Family, won many viewers over with their laid-back and supportive characters. Meanwhile, Chantel rose to gain massive support afterward Chantelle Family The star has matured significantly in 2022.

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Chantel, Winter, and River shared a Sweet Everett Sibling Moment

Perhaps Pedro left the Chantel family chantel, But her younger siblings are always by her side. Riverknight shared an adorable snap on his Instagram in early June that caught him watching Chantelle Family Season 4 premiere with Chantel and Winter in Pajamas. First pajama party,Own the position. Many fans love the Everett brothers dynamic, as they are always so excited to support each other and support each other. “You guys look great,” one fan wrote.

The Family Chantel Sisters Chantel & Winter Wow, the night out

Sisters Chantel and Winter have both been praised for their physical beauty, though Winter has been putting in a lot of effort lately to sport her healthy, current look. Winter reveal Chantelle Family Season 4 reveals that she has undergone bariatric surgery to lose weight. Winter and Chantelle totally dazzled during a night out in July that saw the sisters posing together in separates. Chantel chose lime green, while Winter chose hot pink. “Watermelon reactionsWinter commented on Instagram. Riverknight commented “Sistaa sistaaaaaa you look good hollupppp” As the ultimate noise man for his family.

Winter, River, and Thomas and Karen Everett hit town together

Winter Chantelle Family, River River Night, Karen and Thomas Everett

While Winter is particularly close to her older sister and even moved into her house after Pedro left, she is also very close to her parents and little brother. Winter shared a photo with Chantelle Family Riverknight stars Thomas, and Karen in July that showed the family having a night out. Winter looked stunning in pale green, while the dramatic Karen opted for an all-over brown outfit. What a weekend!!Winter captioned her Instagram photo. “Yessssss it was an amazing weekend!!!Riverknight wrote in response. “My Favorite Family for 90 Days,” one fan commented.

The Family Chantel stars Chantel & Winter reveal who Bond’s sister is

Chantel has no doubt dealt with a lot in 2022, as Pedro filed for divorce from her on May 27. However, she always had her family to rely on. Chantel and Winter shared a sweet photo from a photoshoot they took together that shows the two women holding hands. Chantelle Family The lovely Chantel rocked a pale pink, while Winter looked gorgeous in a black dress embellished with pearls. “SistersChantel captioned an Instagram photo she posted in July. While Chantel chose to turn off her Instagram comments on the photo while she dealt with the split, it seemed clear that she cherished spending time with her beloved younger sister.

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Chantel Jimeno turns into Everett Winter during Pedro Jimeno’s divorce

Chantelle Family Fans absolutely loved another Instagram photo Chantel shared of her and Winter later in July. by then, Chantelle Family Fans were aware that Pedro had filed for divorce from Chantel in real time, as viewers witnessed the end of Chantel and Pedro’s marriage in Chantelle Family. Chantel shared an adorable photo of her and Winter hugging in a hug. Do not caption the photo or allow comments, because the photo clearly speaks for itself.

Karen Everett has a great time with the river and winter


Karen Everett may not be perfect, however Chantelle Family The staff member loves her family. Karen shared an adorable snap of her two young children, Winter and Rivernight, at the end of August on Instagram. Karen wrote an inspiring quote for her followers as she smiled with her two children. “You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are wonderful and God never changes! You are blessed!!” Karen said.

The Family Chantel star River Everett premiered a family music video

One of the Everett family members to hit big in 2022 was Riverknight, who has continued his rap career by releasing new music and touring. Riverknight also shared its first music video at the end of September, which featured cameos from Chantel, Karen, and Thomas. While Winter chose to sit out the video, she made sure to support her brother. Chantelle Family The Riverknight star shared some snaps of the video on Instagram with his three involved family members. The way to the top! Comment on the pictures.You guys are a wonderful family,One fan noted.

Karen Everett of The Family Chantel celebrates Thomas Everett


Although Chantel and her siblings get the most attention Chantelle Family Fans, Karen and Thomas are the glue holding the family together today. Karen shared a sweet snap with her husband in November that showed her celebrating her husband’s birthday. Karen and Thomas share four children and together they have weathered many storms. The couple now enjoys a stable marriage that is celebrated by many people Chantelle Family Champion fans and support. Karen’s Instagram birthday message to her husband was so sweet. “Happy Birthday….Blessings and many more to come,One fan wrote to the most stable couple Chantelle Family.

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