The Apple TV app update makes it difficult to watch your shows and movies

There’s a slight but significant change to the Apple TV app that’s now rolling out, which places recommended content on top of the TV shows and movies you’ve been watching.

The Apple TV receiver app currently collects content you’ve been enjoying on a number of streaming services in an “Up Next” row within the Watch Now homepage. It’s the top row within the interface and enables viewers to easily pick up where they left off, or start the next episode.

However, in a change currently being observed by some Apple TV owners, the company has pushed this in favor of a premium content row (previously known as What to Watch) that prioritizes suggested content from services you subscribe to. Sure, not all Apple TV+ content is pushed by premium row, with content from HBO Max, Hulu, and more.

Although it’s a small change, it’s worth noting that the Apple TV app was the last major platform to prioritize private user content, over all that’s being paid. That’s the point made by Jon Maddox, who created the Channels app for Apple TV, who noticed the change (via 9to5Mac).

Not all Apple TV owners see the change, including this one, so it’s likely Apple will only test this with a limited number of users, or slowly roll out the feature across its user base.

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