The Amazon Echo Show 15 has become a Fire TV screen

Amazon has been busy announcing a slew of new devices today, but it also has a surprise in store for owners of the current Echo Show 15 smart screen.

The company is bringing the Fire TV experience to the Echo Show 15, because users seem to love watching videos on the wall-mountable smart display.

The Echo Show 15, released in 2021, lends itself to the TV viewing experience thanks to the larger, tablet-like flat screen. It’s already perfect as a kitchen staple, but now it’s a real choice for a secondary broadcast TV in that room.

In a tweet during the hardware event, Amazon said: “Of the customers who used the Echo Show 15 last month, over 70% used it to watch videos. So, at no additional cost, we’re adding the Fire TV experience to the new and existing Echo Show 15s.” We believe customers will love accessing the Fire TV content they know and love.”

Users have already been able to access Prime Video, Netflix, and audio streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, but this opens the door to every app within the Fire TV appstore.

Fire TV on Echo Show 15

This means you’ll be able to get the likes of BBC iPlayer, Now and All 4 in the UK, just as you can on the Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Stick Max. There will be a dedicated Fire TV widget on the home screen and it will also be possible to pair the touch screen device with an Alexa Voice remote.

Overall, it’s a massive update to the Echo Show 15 that might require us to reconsider our review of the device, which launched a year ago. We only gave it a 3.5 star rating and weren’t a fan of the audio or the webcam. We liked the useful widgets, the larger, excellent display, and the option to mount to the wall.

Our Home Technology Editor David Ludlow wrote: “This new big screen and the way the Amazon Echo Show 15 uses excellent interface elements, as well as wall or stand mounting options. As the centerpiece of the kitchen, as a family hub, this larger Echo Show could find its place in Many homes. However, despite all of that, the sound quality isn’t as good as the older models, nor is the webcam. At this price, the smaller Echo Show 10 is a better and more versatile smart display for most people.”

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