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with Andor as the next one star Wars A series to drop on Disney+, showrunner Tony Gilroy is already promising that the TV show will be significantly different from other shows in a big way. Therefore, expectations are high because the story will fill in the blanks related to Cassian Andor’s original story and the Rebel Alliance’s rebellion.

Unfortunately, despite everything star Wars Shows, there are lesser-known moments all over star Wars canon. Whether it’s the speed bikers of the Endor, the comedy of the last seriousor Anakin’s Sandy Hate, Redditors didn’t hold back from what they found to be the most significant moment in the star Wars Universe.

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Prequel Acting Is Cringeworthy

as a space opera, star Wars Known for his unforgettable solo lines, but some believe previous actors need better direction. On rewatching the prequel trilogy, u/Odd_Mode7698 said, “It’s one of the most embarrassing acting I’ve ever seen. But my worst moment is the iconic ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ from vader in Episode 3.”

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It’s no secret that pre-acting needs some help, and for this Redditor, the writing and font delivery were particularly inciting, especially anything Anakin says. They cited the heavy dialogue in which Federer presented Revenge of the Sith Because it didn’t match the tough behavior that Sith Lord fans had expected. With fans eagerly awaiting his first on-screen appearance since then Return of the JediHis preconceived notions did not hold.

High School Mandalorian Characters

While Jon Favreau is a Western space The Mandalorian He has universally likable characters, this Redditor found some supporting characters to be worthy of your groove. u/MaximumEpiRedditor posted a photo of brother and sister Twi Lek, Qin and Xian, under the words, “Biggest shocker of the entire show.”

The support of players Chen and Xian, who betrayed Mandu in “The Prisoner”, is memorable for some for various reasons. As ruthless mercenaries, they are out of place from star Wars Lovers of the world know and love. The series covers entirely new areas, and while the cast’s commitment is noteworthy, some of the new characters seem completely ridiculous.

Fruity style in Rebel Star Wars

star Wars TV animation shows are also facing heavy criticism from Redditors. In awkward moments in star Wars canon, Eli_Freeman_Author commented: “Although Ezra Bridger has become my favorite character, one of my toughest moments is taking out the Stormtroopers with a meiloorun fruit.”

One of the best things about star Wars Animation is the ability to embed elements that are not working in a live broadcast. An example is the unique offer of order 66 in clone wars Season 7 of Moments Redditors Didn’t Think Feed was Ezra Bridger’s way of taking out the Stormtroopers, and think of someone under the tutelage of the Jedi, the act was absurd and unnecessary.

Abi Fader jokes

Vader’s first appearance after the competitions was a surprising surprise Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While Vader has many powerful quotes, the Redditor found his dialogue to be less than compelling. When asked on Reddit what’s the hardest star Wars The viewer, not_a-replicant, mentioned: “Vader’s double pun in Rogue One. Don’t get me wrong – Vader can do the joke, but the pun is the exact opposite kind.”

This Redditor was referring to the scene where Vader warns Krennic not to stifle his aspirations as he uses force to stifle him. While Vader’s use of humor provoked outrage for being out of character, he remains memorable for the juxtaposition of cold, calculating action and use of the trademark sass Anakin.

May 4th as a holiday

On the topic of generator fan star Wars On the day that takes place on May 4th every year, u/Hiltaku said, “Fans never bother me but oh my God, May 4th is the most embarrassing thing about the franchise.” They continue to guess that the celebration was a cash grab for the brand and don’t pay tribute to the true essence of the saga.

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While the Fourth of May was brought about by the most ardent Star Wars fans, more casual audiences may find the casual holiday well worth a visit. While it’s a smart way for fans to gather and celebrate their love of the fan base, the holiday is a major cash grab for Disney. With limited edition merchandise available at star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and before that, in the Disney Stores, it just didn’t look and feel cheap through marketing.

Forced comedy parts in The Last Jedi

While some believe last serious He got a bad rap, and others felt the comedy parts were too much. Redditor u/Visitorzeta said: “The opening scene of The Last Jedi – the whole prank phone call between Hux and Poe was horrific.”

The most ardent fans criticized last serious In order to confuse the lines and rewrite the beloved characters. Similar to the original trilogy, which leaned on comedic timing, Rian Johnson and the team tried the same comedy line. Although this is likely due to Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, which maintains a family-friendly vibe, the Redditor still feels this exchange was unnecessary. Perhaps, the sequel trilogy will go the way of its predecessors, with fans praising the material with nostalgia in the coming years.

Indore fast bikes

Return of the Jedi’Using the green screen, while maintaining the illusion of a sci-fi setting, ended up being pretty awkward. PepBono said, “I loved it but in Episode VI where they were on fast bikes on the Endor and it’s embarrassing how serious they are.”

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Compared to the really beautiful shots from the latest star Wars Movies, Luke and Leia race through the Endor in Return of the Jedi Not necessarily the pinnacle of visual achievement. The original trilogy contains outstanding science fiction visuals, with groundbreaking technologies founded by Lucas’ visual effects company, ILM. However, it’s easy to see how embarrassing the old movies have been since the development of CGI into the new ones star Wars The content is more believable.

Finn and Rose from the Last Jedi

Finn and Rose’s team last serious It didn’t sit well for some fans especially the monologue and kissing on Crete. On a subject worthy of humiliation star Wars “The whole scene where Finn and Rose talk about love when the whole base of Crete is shot,” AcesofAthens said.

As two of the newer characters, Finn and Rose see a lot less action in Part Two than fans thought. The evolution of Rose and Finn’s character arcs culminates in saving Rose Finn and giving him a monologue about saving what they love. With this surprise announcement, some fans felt it was unwarranted and inappropriate for two driven and hard-working people in the middle of a battle zone.

Anakin’s hate of sand

The contests weren’t particularly praised for their dialogue, but they are nevertheless memorable. Anakin has many lines summarizing his character, but his line about sand doesn’t line up well with Redditor. “Maybe it’s because of all the memes now,” said dopeydavey, “but I’ve re-watched the previews recently and the ‘I don’t like sand’ scene made me feel really bad.”

Although Hayden Christensen plays Darth Vader Obi-Wan Kenobi His previous work as the Sith Lord Kahn has been highly praised. Given George Lucas’ poor screenwriting and casting skills, lines like Anakin’s lament about the sand seem ridiculous in the film’s field of view.

Leia’s last escape from the Jedi

As one of the most hated films in the series, there are some awful moments in last serious that stands out on Redditors. u/Highnuck says, “The winner has to be someone unconscious exploding Leah as he flies through space to safety in the Last Jedi. The scene was so unforgivable that it ruined the movie on its own for me.”

last serious It stirs divisions among fans, with many pointing to unnecessary plot elements that do nothing to advance the story. One of these scenes sees General Leia flying through a shipwreck, somehow using force in ways that were never dealt with. The problem with this scene is that Leah has never been shown to be force sensitive besides being the sister and daughter of force users. This surprise revelation in the movie didn’t feel like a win, but it did come cheap.

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