The 10 greatest fears of everyone in the Stark House

Dragon House HBO has been a huge success, with the series dealing with the family psychology of House Targaryen. With Dance of Dragons now on screen, viewers have begun to see each Targaryen question the basic values ​​and principles of their family as they fight to become the ruling ruler of Westeros. View of the condition of Targaryen’s house Game of thronesIt should come as no surprise to see all this deception and deception. However, there was a small part that hoped they would be as loving as Starks and Winterfell.

The Starks are cuddly and stubborn, while also warm and caring, a home that is easy to support, as they are one of the few homes that seem to show unconditional love for themselves. The Starks rarely suffer from power politics, allowing themselves to live in the North by tradition. But like any other home, their values ​​come with fears, and to understand the psychology of their home, fears must be evaluated.

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11/11 Starks hate being separated from their families

Unlike other homes, one of the reasons many characters and fans have appreciated the Stark family is the close family ties. Unlike Stannis with Renly or Tyrion with Tywin, it’s hard to imagine one Stark member turning on another. When they were all together, they were really at their strongest as viewers could see that they always wanted what was best for each other and that they would do whatever it took to make sure they were safe.

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Which is also why it’s so hard to watch their breakup with each other because they all seemed so lost and worried that they might lose each other. It certainly didn’t help that their father’s murder at the end of Season 1, only reinforced that fear as the Stark family was separated and forced to make their own way.

10/11 Starks fear the harsh winter

“Winter is coming” is as much a psychological mantra as it is an environmental mantra. Sure, long winters are devastating, and House Stark knows that better than almost anyone else. But for them, the words are all about preparing for tough times of any kind.

This is the Starks way of saying “always be prepared”.

The Stark family knows that there is always a threat on the horizon, and they should never be complacent or unprepared to face it. The Starks are rarely the healthiest characters in Game of thronesas their stubbornness and attitude give them more distinction.

9/11 Starks are afraid to give up their honor

Honor is a symbol to live by for many in the world of Westeros, with some taking it more seriously than others. The Starks value their honor above most others. Many of their morals and judgments of other personalities or homes live according to this code of honor.

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Ned Stark refuses to give up his honor even in the face of execution, until his attention is brought to the idea that his daughters might suffer. This lesson is passed on to his children, as Jon Snow continues to do what he believes is right and honorable until he is killed for it.

8/11 Starks are afraid to break away from tradition

In many ways, the Starks hold their tradition highly valued. They still worship the ancient gods, support the Night’s Watch, and believe in the sanctity of honorable execution. While the Stark family allows the September of the Seven to be built once Catelyn is married to Ned, they mostly maintain an environment contained by traditional practices.

In the beheading scene in the show’s first episode, Bran says, “Our way is the old way,” an education he must have received from his father. In the process of modernization, the Starks believe they will lose many of the bonds that bind them together, keeping them separate from modern politics and greed.

7/11 Starks hate leaving the house

“Stark’s men don’t do justice in the South” somewhat became an ongoing joke in the series, as the events of Roberts’ Rebellion were started by Ned’s father and older brother going to King’s Landing and being burned alive. The phrase “There shall always be a Stark in Winterfell” can also be heard many times. a lot of people in Game of thrones They betray the Starks when they leave the house, some expecting them more than others.

The Starks believe that their influence should always remain at home, which likely means that their values ​​will always be a touchstone of representation and leadership. While physically leaving home is sometimes not good for them, they also understand the value of their home and what it means to them and their people.

6/11 Starks are afraid of losing loyalty

Loyalty is one of the main bonds that hold House Stark together. They are fiercely loyal to their family and beliefs. Robb goes to war for justice for his family. Sansa and Arya remain loyal to each other in order to take on Littlefinger. Many of Catelyn Stark’s best quotes sum up her feelings about family loyalty.

But House Stark cannot expect the values ​​of his loyalty to exist outside his walls, and unfortunately, expectations that others will remain honorable or loyal often lead to their murder. Ned suffers from Littlefinger’s disloyalty, Robb suffers from his men’s disloyalty, and Jon suffers from the Night’s Watch.

5/11 Starks are afraid of what lies beyond the wall

While the rest of the world jokes about the Night Watch’s efforts, the Starks family has always supported them. Their lineage of early men and the values ​​of tradition serve as a constant reminder of what might be out there, and they always remain vigilant.

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The Starks don’t exactly know about the White Walkers, and even to them, they are an anecdote at the start of the show. But the Starks are the only ones who don’t care, as Ned seems to know in his guts that the phrase “winter is coming” is about to have a new meaning.

11/4 Starks hate the politics of the south

It’s enough for Ned Stark’s reaction to become the King’s hand. The Starks family does not belong to Game of thrones Surrounded by planners and climbers who have nothing but selfish ambition.

After the execution of Eddard Stark, who was one of Sean Penn’s most memorable deaths, and Robb’s betrayal, it’s clear how the Starks are exploited in political situations. It’s not their game, and it goes a lot against their honor values.

3/11 open fire

While Eddard might show restraint in Robert’s thoughts to eliminate Daenerys Targaryen, the invasion of Aegon was revealing as the Starks character. Torhen Stark, the king who Kinlet, conceded defeat and surrendered without bloodshed after seeing the field of fire and the armies trying to confront Aegon before him.

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This decision to protect the lives of his men earned him his nickname, and served as a historical reminder of the power of dragons. The Starks have also recently suffered from the Fires of Mad King.

11/2 Starks fear the power that comes with modern economics

Part of what makes the Starks such a great disappointment to the Lannisters is their old habits of trade and possession, which seldom used gold or banks. The Stark family seems to distrust the economies of the outside world due to the events that have affected their home in the past.

The Power of Gold on Loyalty has defeated the Starks on multiple occasions, from Littlefinger’s betrayal of Ned to the Tyrions’ escape from Catalyn in the Eyrie.

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