The 10 biggest mistakes blacks made in season one

With the outbreak of war between blacks and greens in full swing Dragon HouseFan support appears to be largely behind the Blacks, led by Rhaenyra Targaryen. But while there were certainly moments worth cheering for for them, they also made more than a few mistakes in season one.

From the rare gaffes of intelligent characters like Rhaenyra to the frustrating actions of arrogant characters like Daemon, these poor decisions weakened their claim to the throne and made things more difficult on their path to victory. Time will tell how things go with black people Dragon House How much they will regret these mistakes.

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Devil Runner with Masks

Although Daemon Targaryen is loved by many fans, he is far from a heroic character. Besides his many crimes, he is also responsible for many of the Blacks’ biggest and easily avoidable mistakes in Season 1, including his feud with his brother King Viserys.

From his jokes on account of Viserys’ deceased son to his night with Rhaenyra, it appears that Daemon is deliberately trying to anger his brother. This leads them to spend a lot of the series apart from each other, but with Daemon by his brother’s side, it would have surely prevented the Hightowers from controlling so much.

The Devil Doesn’t Kill Kriston Cole in Tourney

One of the biggest changes in personality Dragon House In the first season it was Sir Kriston Cole. He is presented as a seemingly honest and brave knight who works to protect Rhinera but ends up being one of her staunch enemies.

When Creston and Damon face off on tour early in the season, fans were likely to root for Cole to take Daemon off the wedge. However, looking back at the scene now, had Daemon killed Creston in combat, it would have saved everyone so much pain.

Reinera trusts Sir Creston Cole

Being forced to find a suitor she doesn’t want, it is understandable that Rainera wants to find some love of her own. Unfortunately, after being rejected by Daemon, her next choice ended up being completely unfortunate.

Although Kriston is a willing partner in the relationship, he soon blames Rainera for feeling incompetent and becomes a sworn enemy to her and her family. Had she chosen just about anyone else, the situation would probably have been a lot better.

Allow the legality of the heirs to be questioned

Another understandable but dangerous option was in the relationship between Rhaenyra and Laenor. Not in a position to have children, they raised the new heirs to the Iron Throne with Harwin Strong as the real father.

However, few people believe that Lenore is the father who leads the children to be constantly questioned behind their backs. It puts children in a dangerous position while making their grip on the throne very weak.

Leave the suspicion of Lenore’s “death”

It turns out that Laenor is not a suitable husband for Rhaenyra as they both are interested in life with someone else. Then they come to a surprising compromise which makes one Dragon Houses biggest plot twists.

It was portrayed as if Lenore was double killed only to escape and go on to live his life at sea. While it is a decent plan, it is executed in such a way that it leaves many doubts leading some to accuse Rainera of being behind the murder.

Rhinera’s sons fight Eamond

Even before the outbreak of the war, tensions between the two ends of the family would surely escalate and would inevitably lead to violence. Sure enough, this takes place during a brutal fight between Aliscent’s son Emond and Rainera’s two sons, Jess and Luke.

What starts out as childish indignities quickly turns into a dangerous battle in which someone can surely be killed. In the end, he is blinded in one eye, making him a vengeful enemy of the princes going forward and further dividing families.

To become provoked very easily

While Jace and Luke can be forgiven to some extent for drifting in their fight against Aemond, they haven’t shown more restraint in their anger as they get older. Unfortunately, the biggest provocation to their anger is to question their father.

During a very tense family dinner, Aemond makes a toast who does not subtly refer to this question and the boys explode with rage. They’re clearly still young and excited to see that they play directly into Aemond’s hands and give those rumors even more legitimacy.

Making enemies of in-laws

Among those who suspect Rhaenyra may be involved in the death of Leanor is his parents. The Villarion family is one of Rinrea’s greatest allies in the war and it didn’t make it easy for them to stay by her side.

Combined with a quick marriage to Daemon right after Lenore’s supposed death, she allowed Princess Rhaenys to grow up far, and also allowed Laenor’s uncle Vaemond to begin defying Rhaenyra’s children’s claims over Velaryon’s titles.

Send Luke alone to the end of the storm

Hoping to secure the loyalty of their sworn allies, the Blacks decide to send Luke and Jace on a dragon to deal with the lords. While it would make sense for a dragon to make an impression more and faster, letting these little boys go on their own to visit potential enemies was risky.

As it turned out, the danger was mortal as Lucerys unexpectedly encountered Aemond at Storm’s End. As one of the biggest competitions Dragon HouseIt is clear that things will not end well between them. Their encounter leads to them fighting on top of dragons killing Aemond Lucerys’ monster and his dragon, representing the first major casualty in the war between the Blacks and the Greens.

Leaving Kings Landing

Despite being called Viserys’ heir early in the series, Rhaenyra found that actually taking the throne wouldn’t be so easy. However, she makes that claim all the more weak by letting King’s Landing go when things get tough.

Not only do the Hightower’s essentially begin to act on behalf of the king while Rhaenyra is gone, but they are simply able to crown Aegon as king once Viserys dies. Reinera left herself in a very weak state by leaving behind the thing she was fighting for.

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