TerraMaster U4-423 4 Bay Suspension Platform for NAS

TerraMaster introduced its new charter U4-423 4 bay NAS . flap Announcing this month availability from partners around the world starting at $799. Supports NAS TerraMaster Cloud sync And the TerraSync It provides secure and convenient multi-platform file access, sharing and synchronization solutions and is powered by a quad-core Intel Celeron N5105 / N5095 processor and equipped with two 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

U4-423 supports rich RAID types, which can be specified based on data access requirements and data protection level. Hot Spare can be configured for the disk array and any of the following array types can be selected according to the number of hard disks: Single, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10. To reduce the risk of material loss and ensure critical materials are preserved, the U4-423 supports online capacity expansion and paging RAID array online. “

NAS . flap

“Superior storage technology and optimized snapshot technology are the cornerstones of the Btrfs file system, which is what TerraMaster’s U4-423 system relies on to protect advanced data, prevent data corruption, and reduce maintenance expenses. This file system promotes high data integrity while enhancing flexibility and efficiency in areas of Data protection and recovery. The btrfs file system features file or folder-level data recovery capabilities for faster data recovery and greater corporate flexibility.”

TerraMaster iSCSI supports virtual storage solutions for VMware vSphere and Windows Hyper-V. The simple management interface improves work efficiency and improves calculation efficiency, as well as facilitating the transformation of storage operations. “

Source: TerraMaster

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