Teamgroup Industrial Memory 5600 DDR5 Unveiled

This week, Team Group introduced the new industrial DDR5 5600 DDR5 memory that delivers the first 5600MHz, 1.1V U-DIMMs, SO-DIMMs, ECC-DIMMs and R-DIMMs DDR5. Unfortunately, no worldwide pricing or availability information has been released yet, but as soon as the information comes out, we’ll keep you posted.

Industrial DDR5 Memory

“TEAMGROUP has made strides in the industrial market for years and is focusing on DDR5 memory applications. The company previously developed a full range of DDR5 4800MHz modules, and now thanks to industry-leading R&D, TEAMGROUP has successfully increased DDR5 product line frequencies to 5600MHz. For more Security In industrial applications, the SPD write protection feature is also adopted, which prevents SPD parameter changes caused by abnormal interference. Thanks to these improvements, the shutdown risk is greatly reduced and the memory is able to operate with greatly improved performance and stability.”

In addition, TEAMGROUP announced the world’s first “DDR5 Industrial Alarm Memory Module”, which combines RGB lighting effects and warning sound system for industrial applications. It can not only adjust temperature parameters according to different environmental requirements of industrial equipment users, but also allow Users keep track of equipment status and operation with sound and lighting effects provided by the intelligent detection system with three RGB lighting modes: Alarm, Notification and Reminder. These new features are the ideal support system for the new generation of automated industrial production equipment and applications.”

Source: Team Group

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