Target may sell you $270 Pixel 6 Pro on liquidation

As of fall, the Pixel 6 Pro is still Google’s flagship phone, but it looks like Target (in the US) is already discounting the device aggressively to $270, if you’re lucky.

Last week, two reports emerged of people at Target being able to buy a 128GB Pixel 6 Pro for $270 instead of $899, which is still priced online at Google Store and other retailers (including Target’s website). ).

[Update 8/14: On Sunday, the unlocked Pixel 6 Pro was discounted to $649 on the Google Store, Amazon, and other places, while the Pixel 6 is currently $499 (Google Store, Amazon) until September 5.

Some – not all – Target stores have put the Pixel 6 Pro on “Clearance.” It appears that this is happening at stores where inventory is running low (down to 1 or 2 devices).

The first report (from Florida) came on August 5. Notably, the initial clearance sale was to $449.50 – or half off on the box – but it came out to $269.70 at the register.

Meanwhile, a second report said that upon checking last week, the Pixel 6 Pro was priced at $449.50. A week later (August 13), this Redditor was also able to buy at $269.70.

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How you might get a $270 Pixel 6 Pro at Target

This is a ridiculously good deal for a solid phone and you should jump on it if available in your area. The Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.7-inch 1440 x 3120 OLED (at 512 PPI and 120Hz) and Google Tensor chip with 12GB of RAM.

The main rear lens is a 50MP Octa PD Quad Bayer wide (82° FOV) camera that’s paired with a 114° 12MP camera and 48 MP telephoto with 4x optical zoom, while there’s an 11.1MP 94° ultrawide front-facer. The rear camera shoots up to 4K60 and the selfie cam is 4K30 or 1080p60.

Again, your mileage will vary. Check Target’s Pixel 6 Pro listing here and look at stores in your area. The Google phone is already sold out at most locations, while Stormy Black looks to be the only available color.

Your best bet for finding the clearance price is going to Target stores with low inventory: “only 1-x left.” However, don’t be surprised if you see empty shelves. If you do find a Pixel 6 Pro, visit the store and ask about the cost. Units on clearance have a yellow sticker noting the $270 price.

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