TagVault is indestructible and waterproof by Apple AirTag

TagVault is new indestructible Mount AirTag Specifically designed to help you attach Apple trackers to anything you want to protect and monitor from skis to snowboards and more. Created by a team of developers at Elevation Lab TagVault Surface Designed specifically for Apple AirTag trackers It can be firmly attached to any flat surface in a few seconds thanks to the inclusion of “3M VHB Premium Adhesive“.

IP68 waterproof : We wanted something you could put anywhere. Our gasket-covered design keeps the AirTag and its unprotected battery dry and running.”

The AirTag’s waterproof, waterproof mount features an easy-to-remove screw-on cap, similar to the makers’ “contact lens case” cover. Made of premium glass-filled composite, the Tracker mount is ideal for skis, snowboards, trailers, ATVs, watercraft, power tools, construction equipment, bikes, bike racks, camping gear, camera gear cases and more, the first durable AirTag mounting system and $14.95 for single rack, $19.95 $1 for two and $24.95 for four.

Mount AirTag

“This is not going to happen anywhere. 3M VHB Trusted Adhesive is the best adhesive you can buy and it sticks extremely firmly to any smooth, clean surface. Hit it with a hammer, run it over with a car – the AirTag will still work. Bombproof, reliable in harsh conditions.”

Features :

  • The AirTag surface mount is indestructible.
  • Installs securely in seconds with premium 3M VHB adhesive.
  • waterproof.
  • Discreet and limited design. Tighten the screws on and off as easily as a contact lens case.
  • Excellent glass-filled composite construction.
  • Perfect for: Skis & Snowboards, Trailers, ATVs, Watercraft, Power Tools, Construction Equipment, Bicycles, Bike Racks, Camping Tools, Camera Equipment Cases, etc…
  • Patent pending.

Source: ELab

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