Taeyes shows her fiance of 90 day fans custody of her baby girl, Alicia

90 Day stars Fiancé, Thaís and Patrick recently welcomed their baby girl, Alicia, and Season 9 star Thaís is giving fans a look at her adorable nursery.

90 days fiancé Star Thaís Ramone recently gave birth to her daughter, Aleesia, and revealed the adorable nursery to fans on Instagram. Thais appeared in 90 days fiancé Season 9 with her husband, Patrick Mendez, when she moved from Brazil to Dallas to start a new life with him. Thaís and Patrick had many issues over the course of the 90 days, but eventually decided to get married in a romantic ceremony in Florida at the end of the season. This season, Tell-All, Thaís and Patrick revealed that they were expecting a baby, and it was expected to be a joint child later.

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Thaís recently shared a video tour of Aleesia’s nursery on Instagram, and her followers were definitely impressed. Thaís and Patrick have already furnished the room with a king size bed in white and pink with a matching white dresser. Behind the crib, Thays and Patrick put pink wallpaper.Alicia Ramonewritten in elegant gold cursives. The door also had a light pink frame around it, matching the white and pink theme of the nursery. Thayes and Patrick also filled the nursery with toys and stuffed animals.

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The Fellowship of 90 Day Fiancé Stars honored Thaís in the nursery

90 Day Fiance Season 9 stars Patrick Mendes and Thaís Ramone

else 90 days fiancé The cast members were also impressed with the beautiful nursery, and were quick to compliment Thaís and Patrick on the room they prepared for their baby girl. Tai classmate 90 days fiancé Season 9 star Shaida Swain commented: “It’s beautiful, I love it.” Mike Burke and Jabri Bell also shared their support, telling Taeyes that the nursery looks great. Thays also noted in the caption that she and Patrick had made the nursery simpler, because that’s what she wanted. While the nursery design is simple and sweet, it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Many fans have noted in the comments that Alicia appears to have the nickname Tae Ho Ramon, instead of Patrick Mendes’ nickname. Some fans have speculated that Ramone could be Aleesia’s middle name instead of her last name, as this was a common practice in Brazilian culture. The others were pleased to see that Alicia might take on Tyce’s last name, as it would honor Ty’s family who were not in the United States to meet Alicia right away. Regardless of whether Ramone was Aleesia’s middle or last name, fans thought the name sign on the wall was amazing.

90 days fiancé Fans are very happy with Taice and Patrick, and think the couple will make great parents to their new daughter, Alicia. Alicia already has the perfect custody thanks to her hard working parents and fans can already tell that Alicia is definitely going to be spoiled. Fans are sure excited to see more of Alicia and her adorable baby nursery in the coming weeks. While fans were originally unsure if Thaís and Patrick could work as a couple, they believe Aleesia will help their relationship.

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