T-Mobile G1 early rendering shows familiar yet eccentric appearance

A rendering shared by Android co-founder Rich Miner shows what the T-Mobile G1 looked like at one point.

In 2008, the first Android smartphone was launched, known to the world as HTC Dream and to those in the United States as T-Mobile G1. The phone’s design was interesting, featuring a sliding keyboard that pounces to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. There was even a physical trackball for precise navigation. Now, we’re taking a look at the phone’s design ahead of the iPhone’s launch, showing us a more bubbly look with an “electric” color scheme featuring neon green and black.

The show was presented by Rich Miner, the co-founder of Android. Miner tweeted the photo while explaining a story he posted interested in trade. He explains that during the phone’s design phase, Microsoft was more concerned about Apple as it built a relatively strong user base with its Windows Mobile platform. The team was working on two designs, one similar to the Blackberry and the Dream. After the iPhone was announced, it was mentioned that the focus has shifted to Dream.

Although the rendering looks interesting, the basic design of the device remains quite true to the T-Mobile G1 and HTC Dream. It features a sliding keyboard, along with physical buttons for easy navigation. We can see that there is a strong groove near the bottom of the phone and a push wheel that can be imagined as an option to navigate the entry. Of course, the finished product will end up looking more elegant, with polished edges, simple buttons, and a trackball. Also, the colors are muted, as they are offered in only black and white options.

Now that we’ve come so far, it’s hard to imagine using something like this in 2022, or could you? Let us know in the comments if you own an HTC Dream or a T-Mobile G1 and if you’ll be using an updated phone with this form factor for the current times.

source: Rich Miner (Twitter)

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