SYRO Bricks Customizable 3D Lighting Panels

. design team LinkedIn Created a new range of light panels that can be arranged in a variety of different fixtures as well as build 3D luminaires. set off across Kickstarter The project is in its final days and its advantages Hexagonal light panels They can be combined to create a variety of different shapes depending on your needs.

The system comes complete with its companion smartphone app that allows you to remotely change colors, adjust brightness, turn lights on or off as well as provide the ability to set timers and give access to a gallery of over 26 different effects and music mode. Early pledges are now available for the creative project from around $72 or £ (According to current exchange rates),offer big discount approx 43% off retail priceKickstarter crowdfunding is underway.

Display light panels

SYRO-Bricks from LinkedSparx is a set of hexagonal light panels that can be installed in various shapes to display colorful lighting on your desktop or wall. After setting up easy pairing with the phone app, you get full access to control the lights with fun features like turning on Preset dynamic effects, customize colors and movements, activate music modes, etc.”

Customizable 3D light panels

If the SYRO Bricks campaign succeeds in raising the required pledge target and the project is completed smoothly, worldwide shipment is expected sometime around November 2022. To learn more about the SYRO Bricks 3D Lighting Panels project, play the promotional video below.

Attach your shape to holders or mount them on the wall with mounting straps. Light up your imagination and decorate your space the way you want. We are the first to transform 2D hexagonal lights connection into innovative 3D shapes. To achieve this, we designed FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) connectors Bendable and angled fixtures.The Dyson Sphere kit comes with 20 light plates and required accessories. You can also use 8 pieces to make a ring. Just use your imagination to open up more possibilities.”

companion app

“Theoretically, a single console can carry up to 300 pieces in a single line, with additional power fed into the light panel’s Type-C dock.”

For a complete list of all available pledge options, extended objectives, additional media and specifications for the 3D light panels, go to the official SYRO Bricks crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

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