Substack Chat arrives just when Twitter starts to crash

With everything going on with Twitter, many people are looking for new people. This is where Substack Chat might come in as a good option.

Substack has created a new way for content creators to connect with their audience. In its ad, Substack Chat is imagined as a writer or “private social network” for the creator. The creator or writer can define the topic and will also be able to set the rules and moderation.

This type of interaction is nothing new, with many creators on the platform creating their own Slack and Discord channels for their audience. Although it is not the most convenient as it requires the use of a third-party solution, it allows creators and subscribers to communicate in a different way. Of course, Substack saw this as an opportunity, creating its own space that would do many of the same things as these other platforms.

Substack chat icon in the menu bar of the iOS app
Substack Chat icon

By enabling chat on Substack, creators and subscribers will now be able to stay within the Substack system. Creators can choose to make the chat available to all readers or make things more exclusive by showing it to paying subscribers. For now, users will be able to interact in the chat by downloading the Substack app for iOS and tapping on the chat icon in the menu bar towards the bottom.

This could be a great time for Substack, as users on Twitter have been searching for new places to have conversations since Elon Musk acquired the platform. With reports of Twitter Blue price hikes and other changes, Substack Chat could become a new home for many. Unfortunately, for now, it will only be available to iOS users. But, Substack has plans to offer it to Android users in the future, along with pushing the feature to its web interface. If you are someone who aspires to write their own work and wants to reach an audience, then you should probably try Substack.

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