Submarines enter the world of warships

If you prefer to survive under the waves and venture into the depths of the sea to eliminate your enemies. You will be pleased to know that the file world of warships The game welcomed this month Submarines in early access. Make it available to players to captain and wreak havoc on unsuspecting battleships. Check out the latest trailer below to learn more about the new submarine update as well as what you can expect regarding the Halloween festivities in World of Warships and the new Operation Wolfpack.

“From the moment we announced the submarines and went into testing, we’ve experimented with different concepts in our quest for unique gameplay for this type of ship. Time and time again, we’ve tweaked their mechanics and the ways in which they interact with other ship types.

An important step in the development of submarines and the game in general was the introduction of submarines in Random Battles when the subs were in the final stages of development. We’ve focused our efforts on polishing the mechanics, fixing issues, and tuning subs based on stats and player feedback to bring them back to their final state.”

world of warships submarines

German and American submarines of the sixth and eighth levels will reach early access. They can be obtained from serial packs in the Armory in exchange for submarine coins. Two types of serial packs will be available. The first drops American submarines, the second takes down German subs. Subs can also be obtained from containers New submarines.

Operation Wolfpack

Players can look forward to Operation Wolfpack dedicated to submarine launching. It will give you a chance to learn about the new ship type and gameplay. The operation is inspired by the real World War II events that saw submarines chasing convoys. Players fight on the rudders of Level 6 and 8 submarines in teams of seven .

The goal is to break through the escort lines of groups of warships and destroy the enemy convoy carrying a cargo of strategic importance before it reaches its destination point and meets with reinforcements. During the operation, the submarine squadron will be provided with air support.

Operation Wolfpack will be available as a week process two weeks after the 0.11.9 update is released. For those who play as part of the division, the process will be available throughout the entire update. We will share all the details about the new operation shortly.”

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