Story of Raven & Brother Blood’s Titans Season 4 by DC Villain Actor

Raven and brother’s blood titans Villainous actor Joseph Morgan teases the story for DC’s fourth season as the show prepares to resume for a second part of the ongoing season. titans Season 4, Part 1, ended with the season finale, Brother’s Blood, where Sebastian Sanger made a difficult decision that would affect the rest of the season. After trying to resist his fate, Sebastian surrenders himself to the Church of Blood while going through the ritual that will complete his brother’s Blood transformation.

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screen rant He recently interviewed Brother Blood himself about where Sebastian’s arc is going titans Season 4, Part 2, after the cliffs left in the final fall. One of the topics discussed was the new bond Sebastian had with Raven. as such titans Morgan confirmed in Season 4, Part 1 that they are half-siblings, and stressed that Raven would be crucial to Brother Blood’s entire journey in the rest of the season. Morgan also shared one of his favorite moments working with Teagan Croft as they filmed one of his favorite episodes of the season, stating:

She is crucial to his entire journey. Tegan and I worked tirelessly to connect those characters, making sure that every scene we went through together, we found every opportunity. I’ll give you an example from an episode I watched. There is a scene where we have dinner together and eat pancakes. This is a really beautiful sight, it was amazing. We looked at it with the director, and the writing was great. But Tegan and I felt like there was a layer here that we could put in that would enhance the characters even more. But what if we had a moment where she noticed him putting on a gritty face, and said, “Hey, are you okay?” I don’t remember what she said. There is a moment of knowing that all is not really well. We both try to get through this together by covering it up with this fun and play; We have a joke. I thought putting this layer in the scene really says a lot about their personalities and how they grow to care about each other. We’ve been constantly working on it, and we’ve been really determined [to make] Sebastian and Rachel’s story is a complete journey and a satisfying ending. I hope we have achieved that.

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What Titans Season 4 Part 2 Might Mean for Raven and Brother Blood

The concept of Brother Blood’s existence allows him to be Raven’s half-brother titans Season 4 to tie into the first season with Trigon, their interdimensional demon father. Over the titans Season 4, Part 1 Trigon continued to be raised by the Church of Blood, though it’s unclear if he’ll actually appear in Part 2. As of titans In the season 2 premiere, Trigon is locked away in his own dimension, but whether or not he will escape thanks to the Church of Blood remains to be seen.

Blood Brother Sebastian’s evolution makes it one of the most important titans villains of all time. While the Titans have dealt with other notable villains from the lore, including Deathstroke, Trigon will always be a huge presence in the series due to Raven’s status as one of the main characters. Considering how well Raven has complemented Sebastian all along titans Season 4, Part 1, will have her as one of the key players in trying to stop him or perhaps even help Brother Blood pay back.

Raven’s presence is more on the cutting edge titans The fourth season, part two, would make up for her lack of presence in the third season, which was one of the biggest criticisms from fans of the show. Despite coming in the middle of the road titans Season 3, her absence was heavily noted during the first two episodes, which is strange considering she’s been one of the core members since season one. If that leads to Trigon already back in titans Season 4, Part 2, may be just in time due to the show’s uncertain future. While HBO Max has not made any decisions about titans Season 5, if the show isn’t renewed, Trigon’s presence comes during the Church of Blood saga as the final antagonist will help things come to a close. Time will tell what the future holds titans Season 4, Part 2, when he returns sometime in 2023.

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