Stop SIM Swap Attacks on iPhone

Major US carriers are increasing account security to prevent notorious scammers from using a hack called the SIM swap (or port scam). However, Verizon offers something beyond the competition with its Number Lock feature. Read on to find out how to stop SIM swapping attacks on iPhone.

As a refresher, a SIM swap attack occurs when someone fraudulently switches your phone number to a different SIM/phone that could allow them to access many of your other accounts.

This year we’ve seen major US carriers roll out more security features to help tackle annoying hacks – all major carriers have a separate security PIN for porting numbers to a different SIM.

T-Mobile launched last spring and AT&T says “in most cases we’ll require you to provide this passcode before making any significant changes, including initiating a transfer through another carrier.” But Verizon goes even further with the “Number Lock”.

How to stop SIM swapping attacks on iPhone (US carriers)

Using all the layers of security that your carrier provides is important. But PINs can be hacked through social engineering and other tactics. That’s why we’d love to see T-Mobile and AT&T adopt a lock switch like Verizon. It probably won’t be impenetrable but it sure is an improvement To be provided by all carriers.


Without Number Lock turned on, Verizon requires you to create a PIN to transfer numbers before an outlet. But here’s how to turn on your precious extra SIM lock switch:

  1. open the Verizon app
  2. Click on Explore tab on the left and see if there is an option to turn on Number Lock at the top or near the top
    • If not, click Account tab below> Edit profile and settings On the top
  3. Swipe down near the bottom, under Security, and select lock number
  4. Click on To switch next to your phone numbers To lock SIM cards from being eligible for transfer

Here’s what it looks like in the Verizon app:


For T-Mobile, some accounts use the public account PIN and others need the temporary exit PIN. You can ensure that your public account T-Mobile PIN is strong or update it by following these steps:

  • open the T-Mobile app
  • Faucet more
  • Choose Profile settings
  • Choose T-Mobile ID
  • Choose PIN / passcode
  • Enter and confirm your new PIN/passcode or new PIN/passcode
  • He hits Memorizes – You will receive a text message confirming your PIN/Passcode update request

Read more about PINs on the T-Mobile support page. And don’t forget to provide feedback asking for extra security when it comes to your account and SIM!


Most AT&T accounts must require a specific PIN to transfer numbers, but it’s important to make sure that a generic PIN is set for the account as a second layer of security.

  • Head to your AT&T profile
  • Find my linked accounts
  • Select Edit via passcode you want to change
  • Follow the instructions

Read more about Universal Passcodes and Number Transfer PINs for AT&T. And don’t forget to give feedback asking for extra security when it comes to your account and SIM!

other carriers

  • Check your carrier’s app for SIM protection or contact customer support to ask about your options

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