STL bag deal worth Rs 250 crore from India’s Telco

Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL), a leading digital network integrator, has announced a multi-year deal of Rs 250 crore from a leading Indian telecom operator. It is worth noting that the company did not disclose the name of the telecom operator. The partnership aims to assist the telecom company in setting up the optical network. This is not the first time that STL has worked with this telecom operator.

STL has strengthened its partnership with the respective telecom operator by partnering with them again. It is worth noting that in 2020, Airtel has chosen STL to assist in the fiber operation in 10 constituencies in India. This multi-year deal can only be with Airtel. But since STL has not confirmed the name of the company, there is no need to jump to conclusions.

Under this multi-year deal of Rs 250 crore, STL will assist the Indian telecom operator by providing specialized optical fiber and deployment services in 9 telecom circles in the country.

Dense Fiber Wanted In India For 5G

Indian telecoms companies need to move quickly as fiber expands across the country. This partnership between STL and the Indian telecom operator is sure to help India take fiber to even more corners.

The need for data will increase with 5G. India will require a denser network infrastructure and backend support.

Praveen Cherian, CEO of STL Global Services, said STL and the telecom operator in question have been longtime partners in the field of optical communication.

It sure looks like he’s talking about Bharti Airtel.

“In this project, STL will collaborate with the service provider to develop and build a competent network for India. With our solution, we will provide a high capacity 5G ready network that is expected to enable the service provider to deliver new services faster with an improved user experience in the regions of East, South and North.”

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