Steam’s updated mobile app is now rolling out widely

Valve announced a much-needed revamp of its Steam app for Android and iOS earlier this year in August. At the time, the company released a beta version of the app for users, featuring an updated design and a couple of new features. The app is now finally available to all users, and you can download it by following the Play Store link below.

The updated Steam app for Android and iOS, built on a new framework, brings a fresh design and some useful new features. While it’s a big upgrade over the previous version, the new design still feels dated. As you can see in the attached screenshots, the app’s home screen now has three buttons on the top bar to give you quick access to the Menu, Wish List, and your wallet, followed by sections for Featured and recommended games and special offers. The app also has a navigation bar at the bottom that gives you quick access to the News, Steam Guard, Notification, and Menu tabs.

As far as new features are concerned, the updated Steam app now offers the ability to log into your account using QR codes. The new login method makes it easier to sign into your Steam account, and uses two-factor authentication credentials stored on your phone to verify your identity. The app also allows you to easily manage your authorized devices, gives you access to your game library, supports trading and market confirmations, and the ability to start downloading games to your PC remotely.

In a blog post, Valve mentions that it is now working on bringing QR code login support to the Steam Deck, adding support for more notification types to the Steam app, and bringing the list of approved devices to the Steam Client and browser.

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