Star Wars summons the inexplicable Jedi weakness

warning! spoilers for Star Wars: The Supreme Republic (2022) #2 Before!The Jedi Knights affiliate star Wars The galaxy has long served as guardians of peace and justice, so it’s a wonder why so many of them let themselves be unnecessarily exposed. While among the most capable warriors in the galaxy, the Jedi Code is fundamentally based on non-aggression. This is not to say that they are pacifists: when pushed to violence, the Jedi Knight is almost without equal in its ability to end conflict on its own terms. However, such incidents are not uncommon for Jedi, especially those active during wartime or stationed on the fringes of galactic civilization.

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For such celebrated warriors, the generic Jedi’s disregard for arming themselves with little more than their cloth robes, and their confidence in strength is bewildering. While much of this stems from their belief that the Force will protect them and that they will not depend on anything else, star Wars Full of examples of the price of such devotion. While anything short of a Biskar or perhaps a shard might not stop a lightsaber, a decent set of body armor would likely go a long way toward protecting the Jedi from the more frequent dangers they faced in their daily lives.

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Tey Sirrek, a Sephi Thief active during the High Republic era, called this out The Supreme Republic #2 (2022) By Cavan Scott and Ario Anintio. In the previous issue, Sirrek bragged to Jedi Knight Jedi Wildar Mac that he is a master of the ancient Morishru ritual, the ability to use the Force to kill someone with a touch. Sirrek hit Mac in the chest, apparently killing the Jedi with a technique. Vildar Mac, who was in fact only incapacitated by the pheromones being released by Sirrek’s people as a defense mechanism, catches the thief in a tavern called the Enlightenment with the help of Padawan Mattthea Cathley. Following the thief through the streets of Jeddah, the trio eventually run into a confrontation with an illegal businessman who Sirrek is attempting to install a lightsaber stolen from Mac. During the struggle, Brave (the black market trader) produces a blaster and shoots the unarmed Feldar. Sirrek puts himself in the line of fire and takes the blast to the ribs, surviving thanks to the body armor he slipped under his clothes.

Why don’t the Jedi wear body armor?

The thief makes a clever observation after surviving a blaster shot: If the Force is really trying to protect them, he might tell the Jedi to also slip a shield under his robe. It’s a fair point, as there are very few Jedi around all of the time star Wars They are interested in any kind of armor despite the dangers they inherit to their lives. With the exceptions of a handful of Jedi on the battlefield during the Clone Wars and a few during the Old Republic era of the Legends continuity, Jedi in general wore little more than their ubiquitous robes. This trend extends to Jedi combat in actual war zones: while Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker wear light armor during the Clone Wars, others like Jedi Masters Aayla Secura and Ki-Adi-Mundi wear significantly less. Even Mr. Bong Creel, who is actively plotting against his trooper clones, doesn’t wear any kind of body armor. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the final three would perish from the explosive fire of their clone troopers as have a number of other Jedi throughout history.

As the light armor worn by some Jedi during the Clone Wars, and the body armor Sirrek wore under his cloak attest, there is armor in the galaxy capable of protecting its wearer while not being too burdensome for Jedi in general. Perhaps the Jedi’s belief that the Force alone will protect them leads them to avoid body armor. Or maybe Tey Sirrek is right: maybe the force is trying to tell the Grand during the star Wars The Galacticians slip something more protective under their robes and, in their arrogance, refuse to listen.

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