Star Wars Fanart reimagines the comic legend of Jack Kirby’s Phantom Menace

Cartoonist Tom Shioli pays homage to Jack Kirby with modern art inspired by The Phantom Menace, but did King inspire Star Wars in the first place?

star Wars is one of the most successful franchises of all time, but more than one comic fan has pointed out the similarities with Jack Kirby Indelible creations. Indie cartoonist Tom Shioli Recently published artwork of imaginary danger A tribute to Kirby, and it’s hard not to see the comparisons between George Lucas’ creations and those of the one and only King of the comics.

Much has been said of the apparent links between star Wars And the work of Jack Kirby. The most obvious connection between the two comes from Kirby’s 4th World Saga, which depicts a war between the cosmic gods from New Genesis and Apokalips. Interestingly, the main hero of the saga Orion was eventually revealed to be the son of main villain Darkseid…a full eight years before audiences around the world were shocked to discover that Luke Skywalker was Darth Vader’s son in The empire strikes. The ties don’t end there: Kirby’s new gods also derive their power from a mysterious energy known as the “Source” (rhymes with something familiar, right?). Even Darkseid’s name – called the “dark side” – seems to have had an influence on star Wars mythos.

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Now, cartoonist Tom Scioli brings that connection to the fore in a rather adorable piece of fan art imaginary danger Kirby style. An enthusiast who recently wrote and painted the CV Jack Kirby: The Epic Life of the King of the ComicsScioli is the perfect creator of King’s Tribute star Wars Piece. Depicting Jack Kirby-style versions of Darth Maul and Queen Padmé Amidala, check out Tom Shewley’s excellent work below:

Did Jack Kirby’s Mokkari and Big Barda Inspire Star Wars?

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The Scioli-fied versions of Maul and Amidala go beyond pastiche, as Scioli combines the two imaginary risk Players with two characters from Kirby’s Fourth World. Darth Maul already bears a striking resemblance to Kirby’s Mokkari, Darkseid’s butler who specializes in genetic experiments. By combining the two, Scioli highlights the similarities in each character’s distinctive facial markings. The artist also invokes the connection by combining Queen Amidala’s iconic regal look with Kirby’s New Gods heroine Big Barda. The comparison is striking, particularly the similarity in headgear, as both figures share nearly the same silhouette.

Of course, both George Lucas and Jack Kirby were serious students of ancient mythology, so it’s also possible that these connections could be nothing more than a coincidence. Whatever the case, both star Wars And the Jack Kirby He will forever leave a lasting legacy in popular culture, and Tom Shioli He honors both legends in his amazing book imaginary risk artistic work.

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