Spotify is getting some new features

Spotify is bringing some new features to its Spotify app, including a new live event feed that will replace the Concert Hub.

They also offer a range of updates designed to help fans find live events from their favorite artists.

There are few things like going to see your favorite artist in person. The energy, the bass pulsing under your feet, the other obsessive fans chanting the lyrics – whether you’re watching a soloist or a 15-person band, being in the crowd for the creators you love is especially important. These days, diehard fans and touring musicians alike are excited to be back at live events. And if you’re ready to get out there, Spotify is here to help you find the perfect show.

Some fans already use Spotify to search for upcoming shows, but we know we can do more to combine our deep understanding of our users’ tastes with our ability to access them directly within the app. So we are introducing a new Live Events feed, replacing the Concert Hub, and are introducing a number of updates to help fans find their favorite creators’ Live Events. You can find the new feed by searching for “Live Events” in the app.

You can find more details about the new features coming to Spotify’s Spotify app at the link below.

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