Spotify announces Supergrouper, a new way to mix, match and share music

Spotify has announced a new in-app experience called Supergrouper. The new feature will allow mixing dreams of favorite artists and is now available in the US, UK, Australia, Philippines and New Zealand.

Supergrouper will allow users to choose some of their favorite artists and create a custom playlist. Spotify asks users to head to the Supergrouper website, then choose how many people will be in range. You can choose from three to five members in the largest group. Then users will be able to choose artists and place them in specific roles for the group. For example, there are “The Lead”, “The Lyricist”, “The Legend”, “The Hypeman” and more. Once done, you will get a playlist of all the artists of your choice.

Supergrouper is not what you think it is

Of course, this sounds cooler than it actually is. So, if you were hoping Spotify would create remixes for you based on the artists you selected, that’s definitely not the case here. But, Spotify will create a digital card that can be distributed to friends, family, or on social media. Go ahead and share your wild music creations with the world. While this might not be the most exciting, Spotify has been doing a lot of great work over the past year or so, keeping its app up to date.

Spotify has updated its app to offer simplified car mode, Spotify Live, Blend, and much more. Despite its location, Spotify has faced increased competition over the years from the likes of Apple, Youtube, and even Amazon. While it is not known how much Supergrouper has helped with its cause, it is now available for trial. You can head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the app.

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