Split Background Change photo background with AI on Chrome

Separating the background of an image is no longer just removing the object from the background of the image, you can completely replace it with another background based on your desires. Specifically, you can use artificial intelligence to separate and create a new background image for your image based on the description you want.

BG Remaker – Replace & Remove Background is a Chrome extension that can help you do just that, but it’s also free. It does not leave a watermark and reduce the quality, increase the size on the image convincing to use this tool.

BG Remaker – Background replacement and removal is now available in the Chrome Web Store, go to this Or follow the link below > click Get > Add Extension to install.

BG Remaker - Replace and remove background
BG Remaker - Replace and remove background

After that, you can find BG Remaker – Replace and Remove Background in Extensions and install it on your browser toolbar.

Now, to separate the background of the first image, you need to select it as follows.

– On the web: You can right click on the image > Select Remove or replace the background.

BG Remaker 1On the computer: Click the tool icon in the toolbar to open the implementation interface > drag and drop the image into it Click or drop the image to get started.

PJ Remaker 4Then you choose the feature you want to implement.

– Background removal: Once you select an image, press the button background removal To separate the background of the image only.

BG Remaker 2You are waiting for the AI ​​to process the tool and the results will appear right below, you can zoom in and download it.

– AI background replacement: You open this section to change the background image of the image based on the description.

PJ Remaker 3Once you have the image, you can proceed as follows.

+ Description of the background: You enter a description of the wallpaper in English.

+ List of what you don’t want: If you don’t want the AI ​​to add certain details automatically, enter the request.

+ Product size: You choose the image size, the default is to keep the original size.

Finally, you hit the button background replacement You can see the final product below. It includes two images, you can see the one drawn by the author below.

PJ Remaker 5

PJ Remaker 6All background separating and background changing images are registered, and you can see them all in the right panel.

NB: The saved image will not have formatting so you need to add formatting to it.

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