Sony PS5 redesign with removable drive rumored for 2023

Sony is said to be working on a new, slimmer PS5 model with a discoverable drive that will also be sold separately.

The next version of the ‘D’ console could arrive about a year from now, around September 2023, according to leaker Tom Henderson on Insider Gaming.

The report says that the external drive will connect to the console via the USB-C port on the back of the console and will be portable.

According to the report, the drive, which is sold separately, means that it is no longer necessary to purchase a brand new console, should the drive fail. However, a more convenient use of a standalone drive may be the ability for PS5 Digital Edition owners to upgrade their console if they wish to return to physical gaming.

Of course, Sony hasn’t responded to requests for comment, but it will certainly be a more drastic redesign compared to the recent modification that has generally lightened the console thanks to a change in internal components.

The current PS5 certainly isn’t known for being demure, so those with less space in the entertainment center would be welcome.

At the time, our reviewer wrote: “It’s great to see that Sony has designed this console to be customizable in a matter of moments, and there’s also the potential for custom designs and some really great limited edition packages. Unfortunately, none of that is enough to detract from the outrageous size.” for the PS5, which I still feel is likely to be a nuisance when trying to find a home for it in any modern setting.”

We’re taking this report with a little bit of salt at the moment because it doesn’t sound like Sony’s move to make its console modular. For now, it’s definitely an interesting rumor.

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