Sierra Wireless AirLink RX55 Cellular Router

The new AirLink RX55 cellular router from Sierra Wireless Designed to provide users with an extremely low power consumption cellular router, it offers a wide operating voltage, making it ideal for solar or battery powered remote monitoring installations and applications. The RX55 Cellular Router It provides users with access to multi-band public network coverage that supports Band 71 as well as most private network bands including CBRS 48 in the US, Private 42 and 43 throughout Europe.

“The AirLink RX55’s design combined with its ultra-low power port, Ethernet, and dual serial ports make it ideal for use in both fixed and mobile industrial applications including power and water utilities, oil fields, pipelines, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, waste management, private networks, and SCADA applications.”

Sierra has confirmed that the new AirLink RX55 LTE cellular router will be available for purchase worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2022 although pricing has not yet been confirmed.

AirLink RX55 Cellular Router

said Tom Mueller, Vice President of Product Management, Sierra Wireless. “Unlike other products on the market, the ultra-low power and robust RX55 not only supports advanced network designs, but also enables new advanced applications through container support, with centralized remote management services. This makes it ideal for industrial IoT customers looking for a solution My future for delivering remote fixed assets in challenging environments.”

“Sierra Wireless has been an active contributor to the Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) user group for open source data models, interoperability testing procedures, and a foundational use case,” said Dr. Stuart Laval, President of the UCA OpenFMB User Group. Their distributed intelligence applications can run to help enable secure device-to-machine communications between network automation and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems. I look forward to seeing these capabilities showcased again with other early adopters at next month’s UCA OpenFMB Interoperability PlugFest event.”

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