Should you download iOS 15.7? Explanation of Bridge iPhone update

If you, like millions of avid iPhone owners, rushed to download iOS 16 on Monday, you might be surprised to see the iOS 15.7 update along with the new software?

Do you need to download iOS 15.7, if you are going straight to iOS 16? Read on to find out…

What is iOS 15.7?

The update is essentially a set of security updates for iPhone owners who want to stay on the 2021 program for now, rather than immediately upgrade to iOS 16.

“This update provides an important security update and is recommended for all users.” The company’s release notes, before moving on to mention updates for Maps, Safari, shortcuts, contacts, and several kernel flaws. None of them seem very dangerous, especially compared to some of the recent vulnerabilities that have been exploited in the wild.

Apple did this last year, after the release of iOS 15, to facilitate the transition between the two operating systems.

“iOS now offers a choice between two versions of software updates in the Settings app,” the company said at the time. “You can update to the latest iOS 15 as soon as it’s released to get the latest features and a full suite of security updates. Or, continue with iOS 14 and continue with Receive important security updates until you’re ready to upgrade to the next major release.”

At the time, these quotes suggested continued support for older operating systems for those who didn’t want to upgrade, but months later it turned out that this was a grace period while Apple cleaned up the bugs. Apple quickly changed the text to May Offer instead of Offers Now.

Should you download iOS 15.7 before iOS 16?

If you are planning to go straight to iOS 16, you don’t need to download iOS 15.7 first. All the bug fixes mentioned in the release notes are included in iOS 16 as well. You can just tap on the option to upgrade to iOS 16 located under iOS 15.7.

If you’d rather wait a while and make sure there aren’t any major bugs in the latest version of iOS 16, it’s worth downloading iOS 15.7 to bring you the latest security fixes.

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