She-Hulk Jokes Can’t Mean Too Much About Marvel, Chief Writer Reveals

In a recent interview, She-Hulk: Head of Law Advocate Jessica Gau revealed that the show’s jokes couldn’t be too mean about the MCU.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Lead writer, Jessica Gao, recently revealed that the show’s jokes can’t be too mean about the MCU. Legal Action Comedy Stars orphan blackTatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, a defense attorney assigned to represent superhumans in a court of law. As a result of a car accident, Walters’ blood is mistakenly contaminated with the blood of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). This inadvertently causes her to transform into a tall green muscular version that has inherited the powers of the Hulk.

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Described as a comedy first and foremost, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Full of jokes. Many of these target the unique situation in which Walters finds herself, but some make fun of the MCU itself. Episode one’s joke focused on Captain America’s suspected virginity while episode two broke the fourth wall by referring to the fact that the Hulk actor had changed after the character’s introduction in Incredible Hulk. However, some of the early jokes seemed to be just too silly.

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In a recent interview with IGNZhao revealed that Marvel Studios restricted her and her team of writers regarding jokes directed at the MCU. When asked if there have been any jokes where Marvel is asking for a temper, the showrunner shared that the only jokes they weren’t allowed to tell were ones that were too harsh on the Marvel franchise. Read what Zhao had to say below.

“Yeah, I mean, most of the time, the only jokes that really forced us to back off were when we were a little bit mad when we were making fun of Marvel stuff.”

Marvel Studios may place restrictions on files She-Hulk: Attorney at LawMCU jokes to protect the integrity of the MCU franchise. Perhaps aware that there are perceived downsides to the franchise, to include plot holes and inconsistencies, the company would prefer its employees not demolish what Marvel Studios took over a decade to build. Although the studio has allowed Gao and her team to take the punches from the franchise in the series, Marvel prefers the jokes to be relatively light in order to protect its holdings.

Although Marvel Studios has been restricted She-Hulk: Attorney at Law A hard-fought superhero franchise, Gao recently stated that she was surprised by the relative freedom she was given when writing the series. Instead of asking for permission, I thought it was better to include what you wanted in the hope that it would be denied. For example, the theme of Captain America’s sexuality was not only approved, but added by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige himself who detailed when Steve Rogers lost his virginity. With reins placed She-Hulk: Attorney at LawHowever, fans can still expect some light ribbing at the expense of the MCU as the series continues.

Source: IGN

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