Self-cleaning litter bag for cats

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Unfortunately, because most cat litter trays are designed to be self-cleaning, they allow pet waste to lie on top of cat litter pellets exposed to ambient air, causing unwanted odors to spread throughout your home, even when removed from the litter tray. To correct this inherent problem in engineers flagrant They redesigned the cat litter box and made a new one Next generation self-cleaning cat litterCapable of keeping all of your pet’s poo packed and sealed in an enclosed space Easy to dispose of the bag.

Automatically packed and sealed

luxury bag system

The revolutionary design has now been fully tested and optimized and is now ready to be marketed at an incredible price early on. Name it appropriately Ferblos Box This week, she launched her crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo To transfer the innovative concept to production. big enough to Cats up to 25 lbs In weight, the box is distinguished by a large volume 7 liter waste compartment It can be used in houses with Multiple cats.

Why is automatic packing and sealing inside litter boxes important?

The unique innovative automatic filling and sealing technology of the Furbulous Box cat litter, Inhibits the growth of aflatoxin-killer moldIt is extremely harmful to cats and their surroundings. It also eliminates the need to carry used cat litter. Some other brands keep this waste material exposed to the air for extended periods of time up to 7 days and sometimes longer.

Ferblos Box

7 sensor protection system

Thanks to Box’s unique technology and sensors, the litter tray stops odors from circulating in your home or apartment automatically, and it’s also equipped Seven-sensor protection system To help keep your cat safe at all times. The Advanced anti-disc system Designed to keep your cat safe when using the litter box. Thanks to the box equipped with a built-in rescue system that monitors your cat’s movements and weight changes. As soon as any movement is detected, the box will automatically stop performing any maintenance or cleaning, which is currently in progress. Make sure it’s safe for even the most stealthy cats who might try to sneak into the system and jump into the crate without being detected.


motion sensors

Once your cat has finished and left the cat litter, the motion sensors will detect that it is safe for the cleaning process to continue and any feces will be automatically filtered after each use making sure the litter pellets are as clean as possible. The bin automatically removes any waste and will pack and seal the stool in the built-in trash bag. When used by one cat, the litter compartment can hold up to 15 days of litter before the litter bag needs to be removed. For more information about the mechanism and how the Furbulous Box works, watch the demo video embedded below created by its developers.

The Furbulous Box Cat Litter does not filter, deodorize, empty used litter, fill up waste, and automatically change the litter bag for you. It also comes complete with its own companion app that allows you to easily monitor your cat’s health and weight after each use remotely. The ability to track your cat’s habits and behavior provides valuable insights into your cat’s health and mental state. The easy-to-use companion app provides instant insight into your cat’s health and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Monitor your cat’s health with the Box app

Forbulius Companion App

The Furbulous Box mobile app It has been specifically designed to enable owners to easily monitor and track their cat’s habits after each use, providing easy-to-read visualizations of weekly and monthly data, right from your smartphone wherever you are. It enables you to quickly identify any irregularities in your pet’s daily habits and seek help if necessary.

Hardcore House 2

Luxurious box dimensions

Scandalous proportions

50% off for a limited time

For a limited time, the team at Furbulous is making the next generation Self cleaning litter box for cats only available $349 big progress 50% saving From a recommended retail price of $799, which will go into effect after the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ends. For a complete list of all available extended goals, specifications, and pledge goals, go to the official campaign page on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

Compatible with all bulk cat litter

To help keep your home smelling fresh at all times, Furbulous Box features a natural scented scent that automatically compensates for any unpleasant odors generated after use. Providing a fresh, clean scent that will not hinder or affect your cat in any way.

The box includes a shell filter screen to remove waste Compatible with all bulk cat litter Available for purchase. Allowing you to use your favorite clay, tofu, blended, or any other type of cat litter mass without hindering the automatic cleaning and processing mechanisms inside the box. Enable the filter screen to remove only clumps and leave only clean litter in the tray to provide a hygienic environment at all times for your cat’s use. It not only saves you money but also provides a healthy and safe place for your cat to use whenever they need it.

The bin litter mat is made of polyester oxford fabric providing a non-stick, waterproof and scratch-resistant surface that combines with the unique sealing strip to help prevent urine leakage.

Eliminates odors

cat litter bag system

The Garbage tunnel inspired by the Mobius strip and the upper entrance door From the bin allows owners to empty all unwanted cat litter with one simple click. Thanks to the unique automatic filling and refilling system, the cat litter box will automatically install a new litter bag again when the full bag is removed. Make sure your hands are not dirty. The seven-sensor protection system constantly monitors your cat’s presence and “No pinch structureDesign to ensure your cat never gets stuck in the litter box.

thriving features

When compared to the other Self-cleaning cat litter boxes Currently on the market Ferblos Box It offers a wealth of health features to help your cat stay healthy. In addition to enabling you to keep your home smelling fresh at all times thanks to the automatic self-cleaning, filling and sealing system created by the design team at Furbulous at an affordable price. Furbulous box also comes with a coil 1 year warranty and 30 days free returnsallowing you to try out your revolutionary new cat litter without any risk.

household cat litter box

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