Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 Cyber ​​Flight Stick Controller

Sega announced the launch of the . system Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 The Cyberflight stick controller is now available for purchase from online retailers such as Amazon although the retro Mega Drive Mini 2 controller is currently only available in Japan.

The SEGA Cyber ​​Flight Stick Controller Available now for pre-order from the Amazon Japanese website with worldwide shipping available and a release date set for October 27, 2022. Check out the quick teaser video below to learn more about what you can expect from the flight stick controller which is priced at 18,000 JPY Or roughly $130.

Sega is also planning to make the legacy game console available across the US on the same day in October 2022, offering retro gamers a sequel to its Mega Drive minifigure known as the Sega Genesis across the US. The retro console includes 50 preloaded games including: Silpheed, Shining Force CD, Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Virtua Racing and Shining in the Darkness.

flight stick controller

Once we release more information on the worldwide availability of both the retro console and the new joystick controller, we’ll keep you posted on speed as always. But if you can’t wait, you can always pre-order in Japan, but remember that delivery costs especially in our current economic climate can be quite large, so always check postage and tax pricing before buying so you don’t get any surprises on delivery.

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