Season 4 of Discovery was everything Roddenberry wanted from Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 was everything Gene Roddenberry wanted from the show. Star Trek It’s always been political — in fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that’s the point behind the original series. Gene Roddenberry, creator of the franchise Star Trek To be an optimistic vision of the future that human beings can make. There were times when Star Trek This fact was forgotten, but it always returned to its roots in the end.

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This was especially true with Star Trek: Discovery Season 4: The USS Discovery has already traveled far into the future, as its crew departs to explore the 32nd century – a period of time never seen before in the Star Trek. This season has seen Discovery travel even further, beyond the confines of the galaxy, as they encounter an alien race responsible for destroying entire sectors of space. in the beginning Star Trek: Discovery It seems to repeat J.J. Abrams’ explosive mistakes, replacing the character scale, but it didn’t take season 4 long to become something Roddenberry was proud of.

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Communication was the key to Star Trek: Discovery Season 4

There was always a strange tension in his heart Star Trek. As much as Roddenberry longed to offer a humanistic fantasy vision of the future, the franchise is also known for its action scenes and epic space battles. Star Trek: Discovery Comment on this directly by discussing how the galaxy would respond to an existential threat. There were, of course, those whose first instinct was to retaliate with aggression – including Buck, who betrayed Michael Burnham for doing so. But Burnham eventually made her way, by virtue of insisting that the union had to be better than this. This showed Burnham’s personality growth, as she was on the other side of the debate again Star Trek: Discovery season 1.

Burnham’s experiences with the Klingons taught her the importance of communication. In the end, it was not violence that saved the land from destruction in the thirty-second century; It was about communication, wanting to reach out to exotic species and assuming the best of them instead of the worst. It’s a message Jane Roddenberry himself would have been pleased with, and it proves that the spirit of the union really endured.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 has gone more than any previous movie or show

Meanwhile, the USS Discovery definitely lives up to its name. It’s easy to forget that the show started a decade ago Star Trek: The Original Series; The USS Discovery jumped into the 32nd century at the end of season 2, meaning its crew became the most prominent explorers of all time. If the past is another country, the future is so strange, yet a crew of discovery skilfully navigates, recovering the faltering spirit of the Federation. in Star Trek: Discovery In Season 4, they go even further, finding a way to bypass the barrier at the edge of the galaxy and literally go where no one has (willingly) gone before. They did so with a sense of optimism and a spirit of peace, ending a terrifying threat because of those personality traits. Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 was really the perfect packaging to see Gene Roddenberry.

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