Saturnalia indie survival horror game

If you are doing a new effort Survival horror game To get you in the mood for this year’s Halloween festivities or just to give you a fright, you might be interested to know that the new indie game Saturnalia will launch next month. Created by the Small Elements Team at Santa Ragini, Saturnalia It is located in the Italian village of Gravoi, which from the outside looks like any other ordinary house but there are many secrets beneath its surface.

It features four co-heroes who are all strangers from the village but share a common cause that eradicates the darkness that haunts Gravoi. Pietro Reggie Riva, Director, Santa Ragone It explains more about what you can expect from the characters in a survival horror game that has their own hidden secrets.

“The first of these is Anita Giannini, an extraordinary geologist and businesswoman portrait of the late 1980s. Unlike her fellow heroes, she had no affiliation with Gravoi prior to her arrival a year before the events of the game. In fact, her initial goal in the village was to conduct a survey in The area on behalf of the mining interests of companies eager to exploit the surrounding natural resources.It is not easy to deter a woman asserting her self-confidence, in both professional and personal matters – so it was perhaps inevitable that she would find herself embroiled in an illicit affair with Damiano, married city Sacristan. Beginning of the Saturnalia, she discovers that she is with a child, and despite the controversy that would surely arouse if her affair were to be made public, she is determined to keep the child.”

Saturnalia survival horror game

In contrast, Paul Izem is a child of Gravoi, even if he did not know it for most of his life. After his parents mysteriously died when he was still an infant, Paul was adopted by a family in Iglesias, a city in southern Sardinia. Only after Discovering a letter urging his adoptive parents not to let him return to Gravoi, he defies this very request and embarks on a personal mission to find out the truth about what happened to his mom and dad.To avoid raising the suspicion of a town that already distrusts strangers, Paul uses his profession as a photojournalist to protect his true motive, claiming He’s working on a feature for a touring magazine even as he quietly searches for clues about his past. Little does he know that his camera will be of critical importance in documenting the Gravoi’s underlying terror…”

To learn more about the new indie survival horror game that will launch on PlayStation, Xbox and PC next month and be available to play from October 27, 2022, head over to the official PlayStation Blog by following the link below.

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