Sarah Michelle Gellar hasn’t been in a movie since 2009

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back in cinema after a 13-year hiatus, with roles in it take revenge And the third clerksBoth were released in the same week. while the Buffy the Vampire Slayer The star continued to appear regularly on television with major roles in short-lived series such as ringer And the the crazy ones, Gellar hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2009 Property. It was the closest she came to being when she reprized her role as Catherine Mertwell in the sequel to a TV movie Bad intentionsa character who is said to have inspired her to cast it take revenge.

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because of Al ShahbaStatus of an icon, it’s not hard to see why Gellar hasn’t made so many movies since 2009. Since then Al Shahba Ending after the seventh season in 2003, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s film credits have been mostly associated with horror. She starred in a Japanese horror remake in the US grudge and its sequel and played Daphne in the sequel to Scooby Doowhich was an unsubtle part of the cast due to Scooby Gang’s Buffy Summers group of friends in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. her last movie Function It was plagued by distribution problems caused by the 2008 financial crisis, and eventually moved straight to DVD. After this fateful end to her film career, Gellar continued to work in television, appearing as a guest on shows such as The Big Bang Theory And the The Simpsons.

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It was released on Netflix and in theaters respectively, take revenge And the 3 . clerks Mark Gellar’s low-profile return films. Writer and director Jennifer Kaiten Robinson said Sarah Michelle Gellar take revenge The character, Middle School Principal, is written as an old version of Katherine. Gellar selected this and signed on for the role, admitting it take revenge Reworks the ’90s teen movie for a modern audience. Her role in Kevin Smith 3 . clerks As one of the auditions for the film Randall is a reference to his previous work with writer and director as Tila Fee Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Upcoming Movies & TV Shows

Last year, it was announced that Sarah Michelle Gellar would play alongside her shout 2 Co-starring David Arquette in hot pink. Adapted from the novel by the youth What are girls made of? By Elana K. Arnold, the pilot was produced by Annapurna Pictures for Amazon. Executive Pilot was produced by The Miseducation of Cameron PostShe also starred in Desiree Akhavan series ResortNina Bloomgarden. Despite the great talent involved with her hot pinkAmazon has passed the pilot, and it is believed that Annapurna Pictures is currently screening the pilot for other networks and streaming devices.

Meanwhile, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s next big project is on another supernatural neighborhood show, wolf pack for Paramount+. You’ll play arsonist Kristen Ramsay, who investigates the wildfires that triggered the show’s supernatural events. The role of Sarah Michelle Gellar in Teen Wolf‘s Spinoff is the star producer and executive producer. Gellar clearly makes a perfect choice, something that show maker Jeff Davis highlighted, who spoke about the impact of Al Shahba on me wolf packparents show, Teen Wolf. While this might talk about dressing Gellar in supernatural detective roles, wolf pack Show, along with recent roles in take revenge And the 3 . clerks Indicates that the career of the actor is still in good health.

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