Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue

Samsung has announced that Samsung SmartThings has expanded its partnership with Philips Hue, and this will bring some new features to SmartThings.

Samsung will integrate HueSync into its SmartThings platform and this will bring a new immersive experience when you are listening to music.

Samsung SmartThings, the pioneering technology enabling connected living and driving the future of the Internet of Things, today announced an expanded partnership with Philips Hue to turn listening to music into an immersive experience. With a new integration with Hue Sync on the SmartThings platform, Galaxy users will be able to sync their Philips Hue bulbs with most music streaming services directly from their smartphone or tablet.

“Consumers clearly want smarter, more personalized technology, and this integration fulfills that desire by allowing SmartThings users to express their mood from the comfort of their own home,” said Mark Benson, President of SmartThings US. “For the first time, SmartThings users can sync their music and lights to customize the perfect home workout center, house party, or relaxing getaway.”

With nearly 20% of US consumers owning a smart light, this feature allows users to easily connect their Philips Hue lights via Hue Sync on the SmartThings app – allowing users to seamlessly control, customize, and sync their lights with many of their music streaming services. Galaxy mobile device to create an enhanced home entertainment experience.

You can find out more details about the new features coming to Samsung SmartThings with Philips Hue on the company’s website at the link below.

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