Samsung One UI 5 launched Maintenance Mode to keep your data safe during repair

Handing over your phone for repair can be a bit worrying, since it contains your valuable information. Samsung has a new “maintenance mode” that keeps your data locked so that technicians can do their work without compromising your data.

Unfortunately, data breaches are possible when you hand your device over to a trusted company for repair or maintenance. Most of your important data will likely be stored on your phone, including credit card numbers, personal addresses, and other sensitive materials. With that said, Samsung comes up with a solution to give a little peace of mind.

Samsung has officially released the all-new Maintenance Mode for Galaxy devices. This new mode allows users to put the device in a safer state before handing it over for repair. Since it appeared in the One UI 5 beta, the feature is now widely available.

As a primary function, maintenance mode creates a separate user profile with a set of restrictions so that no third party can access vital information. Apps like your local messages, photos, and documents are all out of reach and locked behind your original user account. Moreover, the downloaded applications cannot be accessed by the owner. When you are in maintenance mode, any accounts created will be automatically deleted after returning to the original state of the device.

This comes as a privacy add-on is finding its way into Samsung’s Android 13 arsenal. Previously, Samsung released a smart feature called “Privacy Detection” that automatically scans your photos before sending them, so you don’t accidentally share private information.

How to turn on Maintenance Mode

On your Samsung Galaxy device, you may have the option to run maintenance mode. If so, here’s how to find it:

  1. on your Galaxy device, Head to your settings.
  2. You find Battery and device care and click it.
  3. Choose maintenance mode.
  4. Reboot your device.

From there, your Galaxy phone should be ready to be handed over to a technician or other third party for repair or service.

Maintenance Mode will be rolled out to Select Models of Samsung Galaxy One UI 5 phones. With this, Galaxy S22 phones will be the first devices to see the new mode. Samsung will continue to expand the lineup that can take advantage of this new feature, with the rollout continuing until 2023.

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