Samsung home appliances are 10% more efficient

Samsung revealed that it has made its home appliances 10 percent more efficient in addition to the highest efficiency standards in use today under the new European energy labeling system.

The company revealed that its latest AI-powered home appliances are designed to be the most energy-efficient of its devices to date.

“As we set out our vision to become the #1 brand of energy-efficient devices, we are excited to showcase Samsung devices and the technologies that make this possible,” said Hyesoon Yang, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience for Digital Devices at Samsung. electronics. “With SmartThings Energy maximizing the features of Samsung devices, users can enjoy the latest hardware technology while also being environmentally friendly at home.”

When it comes to sustainability in the home, the kitchen is a major focus area because it houses large appliances that are always running. Storing fresh food, for example, requires refrigerators to maintain constant operation and, therefore, a constant power draw.

To address this, Samsung refrigerators are designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while improving food storage. Samsung refrigerators are rated #1 for energy efficiency in their class, and in fact, provide an additional 10% savings on top of the current highest energy rating standard. Also, SmartThings Energy with AI power mode helps intelligently reduce the energy use of refrigerators by up to 30%.2

You can find out more details about all Samsung home appliances and how energy efficient they are on the Samsung website at the link below.

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