Samsung Galaxy S22 camera update helps you capture the actual galaxy

Samsung is improving the Galaxy S22’s excellent camera with a new Astropohoto titled update in Expert RAW mode.

Night photography options available on phones are already enhanced with Sky Guide within Expert RAW, which can help photographers identify constellations and more outside of our world.

The exposures will be captured within a set amount of time, which the animated GIF accompanying the ad tells us (below), which is up to four minutes.

In a blog post, Samsung explains: “Just turn on Sky Guide to locate constellations, solar systems, star constellations, and nebulae. The camera will use advanced AI segmentation technology and multi-frame processing based on celestial body movements to capture images over a specified period of time.

“As a result, you’ll be capturing stunning photos of the stars that look like they were taken with top-notch professional equipment.”

Expert RAW enables Galaxy device owners to take uncompressed RAW images, giving photographers more control over their edits. It’s available for Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, S22, or S21 Ultra devices via a standalone app.

Elsewhere, Samsung has also launched a new multi-exposure shot within Expert RAW. Both features can be accessed via the special photo options in the Expert RAW settings menu.

“If you love to explore your artistic side, you can take advantage of the multiple exposures feature to take multiple photos at once and then use overlay modes to combine them into one standout shot,” says Samsung. “You can also unleash your creativity and experimentation by superimposing multiple images on top of each other to create stunning abstract shots.”

Finally, Samsung is launching the Camera Assistant app, which enables users to choose which camera features are triggered automatically when a photo is taken. Switches include Auto HDR, the ability to smooth out images, or access to automatic lens switching when you get close to a subject. The idea is to help users create their own photography style.

Camera Assistant can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store or the Good Lock app and all selections will be applied to the original camera app.

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