Samsung Bixby voice assistant More languages

Samsung has announced that the voice-activated Bixby assistant is getting more language options, including Latin American Spanish.

Previously Brazilian Portuguese was the only language in Latin America that Bixby supported, and you can see more details below.

Bixby is a powerful and intelligent voice assistant that helps Samsung Galaxy users navigate their devices and organize their lives, just like a personal assistant in the real world. It can help launch apps and settings, remember appointments and tasks, and generally reduce everyday hassles. Bixby can communicate with others by answering calls, writing messages, and more.

Intelligence is based on the ability to understand and act on commands, regardless of wording. Until now, South and Latin American users had to use European Spanish with Bixby. New support for Latin American Spanish will allow them to use local accents, accents, and nuances for more natural interactions with their devices.

Spanish support in Latin America means more Samsung Galaxy users can now count on the intelligence and convenience of Bixby, especially in the United States, the second-largest Spanish-speaking country and the region with the largest number of Bixby users.

You can find out more details about the Samsung Bixby voice-activated assistant on Samsung’s website at the link below, and the feature will be heading to some devices this month and more next month.

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