Samsung AI washers and dryers are open for pre-orders

Those of you who are eagerly waiting for Samsung to open pre-orders for their new AI-powered washers and dryers will be pleased to know that today Samsung has started taking pre-orders for the stylish duo that combinesSamsung’s most advanced cleaning technology and the ability to clean effortlessly and perfectly“.

Featuring a flat plate design with excellent color options and flexible mounting options, the Samsung AI range of washer and dryers are equipped with advanced AI technology to eliminate guesswork when it comes to cycle choices, providing “Perfect cleaning every timeSays Samsung. Bespoke AI Laundry systems are now available for pre-order from the official Samsung website.

Samsung washers and dryers

Washers and dryers with artificial intelligence technology

“The OptiWash AI feature in your bespoke washer senses dirt levels and types of fabrics, choosing the best wash cycle and amount of detergent so you don’t have to. Just store your detergent and fabric softener in your machine and the automatic dispensing system will do the rest.

The AI ​​Drying function of the custom dryer uses an advanced humidity sensor to detect the humidity of freshly washed clothes, automatically adjusting the cycle and optimizing temperature settings to reduce clothing wear. For those who prefer a stacked installation, the washer’s MultiControl™ panel allows you to easily control both units from a single central display, keeping everything within easy reach. “

For the ultimate laundry care solution, pair your custom washer and dryer with Samsung’s custom built AirDresser to keep your clothes fresh and away from the comfort of home with fewer trips to detergent.

By combining comfortable garment care with stylish design, the AirDresser gently removes wrinkles, freshens and deodorizes clothes. It can also eliminate 99.9% of the 6 common bacteria and dust mites from fabric.

Quickly update jackets, shirts, pants and more in less than 20 minutes or choose from 24 AirDresser cycles that extend the life of all types of fabrics – from wool and linen down to delicates. “

Source: Samsung

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